HAIKU FEBRUARY 2013 through AUGUST 2013


It began Thanksgiving,when the Avatar compassion  top people were talking on phones and computers to people in China, Brazil, Norway,  and England  searching for their next marks.What do you say to someone who asks you , wouldn’t it be nice , if everyone had compassion? These seminars teach compassion.that’s when i guessed she was a sociopath . 

you pay her lots of money to teach you to have compassion.
hello ,a person is born with compassion and if they aren’t ,
they aren’t going to give her money.i wanted to say something
about her not having any or she wouldn’t be preying on people,
but her probable payscale leader was listening to every word ,
pretending to be on the phone/ computer and i was outnumbered at least by 20 stepford wives, in the universal doubletree lobby.and the hotel can’t stop the pizza flyer mafia,in orlando , so they weren’t going to stop the avatar uncompassionate people, especially since they allow them  to have “seminars” at their hotel.

88 thoughts on “HAIKU FEBRUARY 2013 through AUGUST 2013

  1. I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog recently for a short visit. I honestly appreciate your time in doing so. As far as compassion goes, yes…. it would be nice if everyone had compassion or empathy, but they don’t. Some don’t because of the way they were raised. If one was raised without compassion, they honestly don’t seem to understand it. It takes a long time and a continuous role model for them to begin to learn. My husband grew up in a very abusive household. After a lifetime of abuse, he had no compassion when I met him. He could love, but not have compassion…. We are still working on that 20 years later… I constantly remind him when he is negative about someone that there is probably a reason and to try to understand the why before condemning… Good blog!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and liking my blog. This post is interesting, as I think lack of compassion is what causes many of society’s problems. I agree it can’t be taught to adults, though maybe if people were made aware of the consequences of their actions, and that they needed to take responsibility for acting ethically, they might naturally gain some compassion. What do you think?

  3. I appreciate the time you took to read my post. Your blog is interesting. I try to keep in mind that compassion can be created from suffering. I have known some physicians who forget to understand what their patient’s are going through until it happens to them or their family. At that point compassion is born. Just a thought. Happy Holidays.

  4. Very thought-provoking post. What about folks with Asperger’s Syndrome? They often struggle with feeling compassion and must “learn” to express it. Not disagreeing with you, just thinking/writing out loud 🙂 Thanks for the “Like”, and thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really like your writing style!

  5. Enjoyed you post. Thank you for liking My Name Is Molly. I don’t know if people are born with compassion or born evil. I don’t think someone can teach compassion, I think it takes living and growing. At seventy, I aim to keep growing. Some people can’t or won’t or just don’t think it’s necessary. I witnessed a friend dying of ALS and my daughter of brain cancer. Both died with peace in their hearts and compassion for the family they were leaving behind.

  6. Well, I guess if you don’t have any compassion you have to go to the supper market and buy it. Anyway, thanks for stopping by Paper Mud and Me and I’m glad you liked my post – A New Year’s Maid. Hope you’ll be back. Have a great 2013.

  7. I just so agree with you about people making money on supposedly ‘spiritual’ enterprises. People set themselves up as having the ‘truth’ and they (even innocently) prey on people who often are in crisis.
    I get irritated, too, at some of these young women offering all kinds of creative or philosophical counselling online, taking advantage of blog popularity to sell something that really should be freely given: understanding, kindness and advice from someone who may be a little further down the road, to those just starting out. Amazing what clever marketing will earn one!
    thanks for the Like on my recent painting.

  8. Thanks for liking some of my quips. I hope your emphasis on compassion is contagious. An ingredient in the compassion recipe might be imagination. Compassion for others might be the result of imagining yourself in their situations..

  9. Hi! I thought I had already commented in your blog to send my thanks, but I can’t find that comment now. (I’m running horribly behind on my emails. *shame*) At the risk of repeating myself: Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! And thank you for the “likes” on my posts. I appreciate it very much, and I’m happy you enjoyed reading a few of my entries.

    I enjoyed your blog, too! It’s wonderful and really fun.

  10. Hilarious – love it! Although I do think that it is possible to learn empathy and compassion later in life, of course, you have to be born with a little bit at least!

  11. Very nice rant, Errin; and laughable as well. Guess you could call it funny/scary. Anyway, I see you gave your nod on a few other posts of mine, “Rocky Rogue”, “Monarch Lake, Colorado”, and most recently “Elk R&R”, “For Purple Mountain Majesties” and “Winter Barns”. Thanks so much!

      • Great rant! Compassion is truly something that has been shelved. It is interesting though when you try to show compassion nowdays people are so untrusting that they won’t accept it. I tried to help an elderly lady with her groceries the otehr day and you would have thought I was trying to rob her….her reaction was scarey. What this world is coming to?

      • yes, that rant was in florida ,last year. i’m in myrtle beach now.
        i know what you mean. i tried to open the door for an older lady and she screamed to get out of the way.i’m still upset.

  12. teaching compassion is something that the Dalai Lama is attempting to do too. or maybe it was empathy. I’m sure they’re related. Food for thought?

  13. Remarkable post.Thank you for liking my post ( Ariel/Monster kidnapper.) Best wishes.jalal

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