Florida hotel tales

Obviously the world would be a better place if everyone had compassion, and i politely said yes, while thinking only a sociopath would think he can teach compassion.you are born with compassion.maybe i should punch her in the nose for assuming i don’t have any.

i was just sitting quietly looking at a palm tree, minding my own business.she explained she comes to this hotel 3 times a year for these seminars she goes to other states half the year, and she has been working for avatar 20 + years.i had to find out how she was being paid. she invited me to go listen free in a few days, when the others arrived. these top 20 people , who had faces like stepford wives were talking , still, on their computers…they just had a vegan thanksgiving at the leader’s house.

i look up avatar and find words like pyramid scheme, scientologist reject,cult and then i look at the card she gave me….it says you can talk to aliens…i turned the computer off, when i saw some kind of water flotation coffin, to stop you from thinking…the hotel reservation expert told me they invited her to a seminar , last year and i told her not to go, because it says they don’t believe in medicine..they take your medicine away.. she is diabetic…the next day we laughed for hours , after she googled this and said they make you run around  a pole for 9 hours, if they find your medicine…and i was sure i had seen 3 of their bouncers at lunch and i rrealized why they were with the avatars…

it was 9 days of torture and 3 more tried to kidnap me, for lack of a better word.the waitresses complained they did not tip…i said there is that compassion …one table told her , we do not need your assistance..

i almost wish they had kidnapped me, when the restaurant went to every avatar table and gave them coupons for free buffets,.. every table except mine and i eat there almost every day.

6 thoughts on “Florida hotel tales

  1. Imagination gone wild! I love your references and the way you make things funny. You have a sense of humor, compassion and some sarcasm thrown in, too! Thanks for your comment on my post. I appreciated the kind words.

    • ok i see which one you are talking about.i had to see what was funny.i was being serious.you are the 3rd person,who thinks i am funny,when i’m serious.that is funny.and this is funny to me: about 9 months later i was telling the manager of the restaurant how that lady gave every avatar a coupon for a free buffet and he said we don’t do that.he was new .she did and she isn’t there anymore.

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