Florida hotel tales

it’s sunday and i am waiting to see if anything happens.every sunday there is some type of crime right here.three weeks ago,a 22 year old girl visiting, for 2 days from china ,ran into this hotel crying..someone grabbed her i phone out of her hand in  the burger king parking lot…

two weeks ago,the waiter said he was at the outlets and 3 shots were fired and 2 girls from brazil ran outside and he told them to get in his car, where they waited for the police.

last sunday this man was unloading his car and he left a 12 pack of beer on the bench for a minute and it was stolen.

this dr. just told me the pizza flyer criminals were standing at an entrance to the hotel a few days ago, waiting for some-one, with a key, to let them  inside and her son  did.she told him not to do that again but, nothing has happened yet today.the manager was just telling me how  some of the pizza flyer criminals are just out of jail and make about 10.00 an hour. i was just thinking about the owners trying to find people to do this for them….how you find people to do illegal things, and i remeber all of the people at the old court tv ,who post links to people arrested .if you just take people on the bail merry go round, in the haleigh cummings case alone you have ronald cummings, his sister, her boyfriend, all of the girls ron dated, their mothers,the babysitter/stepmother/x wife, misty croslin cummings croslin, her mother and father, her brothers…… i think i counted 26 people who knew haleigh…

if the pizza flyer owner just hired these people, he would be set for the year…maybe they should stop posting the names and pictures of people arrested.

4 thoughts on “Florida hotel tales

    • that’s a good question . you would never find the answer ,where i explained. last year when i was in orlando they are part of a pizza mafia where almost every night 5-11 pm, they sneak into hotels and shove fake flyers under every door.when you order they either steal your credit card or charge and not deliver or they are made in places like bathtubs….anywhere but restaurants….they keep changing names and phone numbers….the criminals sometimes break into rooms, cars and there was a reported rape……….

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