It was a good week for sociopaths

remeber the day casey anthony was on every channel, abc, cbs, nbc, cnn, hln, because someone put her video out and she said she adopted the puppy? the next day Joran Van der Sloat was supposed to confess, but he asked the 3 female judges for another week to think and he got another 5 days

.the same day they were searching for Jenniffer Kesse, by the outlets after she had been missing 5 years…they did not find her.a week earlier , i found a credit card in the street that said jennifer and i had just been thinking about her and i found out she was from here…again i wondered why i came here and if i would live to go back to arlington.

and then almost every night, the pizza flyer criminals are shoving flyers under the door from 5- 9 pm…you hear kee, keeck, ceech, keeck….3;45 am, in the middle of the night, someone is banging on the door.. i dial 0 – the front desk- and he says – it is me..i am at your door.i didn’t have time to think how he could be at the desk and the door…he and 2 police officers are standing there and did you know it was a crime to have your light on at 4 am? he said the entire hotel smells like weed and your light was on. he kept saying the word “weed”.

i thought he was the one smoking marijuana.he looked like a hippie. he told the police it was not coming from this room.i was doubled over , trying to keep my heart inside my chest and not going to the hospital again. he scared me half to death.the manager apologized 2 days later and said that was never going to happen again and he had a long talk with that guy.

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