Property Room, a safer way to shop

police give property room items to auction. the first thing i noticed was a jogging stroller.oh that made sense;i’ve seen a few on law and order.what a good way to burgle a house , as hyacinth bucket would say.then i saw scales.wait a minute, who is going to buy this?do the same people they take these from , buy them back? maybe there is some kind of gps attached, so the police can catch them again?

then there was a sonicare toothbrush, and binoculars..i don’t know who wants to buy a criminal’s, an extreme grow light. i’m sorry, but if you buy that , the police should deliver it to you personally and then deliver you to jail, and the shovel that was next to this..jerry sandusky might enjoy the binoculars, while he is sitting outside, by the elementary school.

then there were 2 victoria’s secret bras. and a waterproof flashlight. who did they take the bra’s from, hookers?and what do you do with a waterproof flashlight, hide from the police in the lake?


2 thoughts on “Property Room, a safer way to shop

    • people think i am funny when i am serious, but seriously if you went to the mall in orlando, a man with a knife would slash your purse….the outlets- shooting…florida mall- huge riot….3 walmarts either – thief stole purse lady in wheelchair..knocked her down…police thief at another walmart….publix – plane crashed into roof…..another a woman was dragged with a car…….this is just off top of head from dec- august…

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