Florida hotel tales of pizza criminals

Jerry Perdomo is still missing. and his wife and fellow firefighters are missing him.

hotel rooms are sold out this weekend, because  of nascar, basketball and mardis gras.they just arrested someone who had a meth lab in a hotel room, which explains a lot about the orange county mug shots.i was trying to see if i could find a pizza flyer criminal ,i saw at 7;30 pm.i will never get over the nerve. he walked past me ,in front of the front desk,and got in the elevator. later i was opening my door and i heard a bang.at the end of the hall, he was bent over sliding flyers under the door.i decided to go back and call the police downstairs.i got close to the elevator and stared at him , to see if he had the nerve to keep shoving flyers. not only did he not have any fear, he shoved one under my door, the door he just watched me exit..then, he went out the side door and stood at the front door waiting for his ride. i told the police the phone number on the back of his shirt, but he left right before they arrived.

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