Jerry Perdomo 31,missing firefighter

Florida orange city firefighter is missing from Bangor  Maine. he went to visit a friend and never returned to florida. police found his abandoned car, at a walmart.Jerry Perdomo is 5’11’ , 200 pounds, black hair,  and has brown eyes.his wife reported him missing when he didn’t return to work. no one has seen him, in a week.this is the 3rd   walmart crime, this month, involving floridians, on tv news.

why are there so many crimes at walmart, when they have cameras day there will probably be cameras over the entire country .will that stop crime.instead of just fingerprints, maybe courts will be able to use cameras to see kidnappers take their prey into a house, a car, the woods…

Dolores Krise 75 attacked at Walmart

Another orange county shopping  horror tale at walmart happened sunday. the victim was thrown on the ground, her purse ripped away and threatened with a gun in the parking lot.she believes these criminals are looking for weak elderly people to rob.

Walmart  is offering an escort to your car.i would rather wait, until they begin delivering groceries to your hotel , home or vacation will be at the naked guy walmart, in PA.

The camden apartments are complaining about all of the crime at their complex. the police have been called there, 193 times this year, but the police don’t think that is unusual.that should be the crime, that that isn’t unusual.i think i  have spent more time with the police, than the lawbreakers,  6 times,in 3 months…

Property Room, a safer way to shop

police give property room items to auction. the first thing i noticed was a jogging stroller.oh that made sense;i’ve seen a few on law and order.what a good way to burgle a house , as hyacinth bucket would say.then i saw scales.wait a minute, who is going to buy this?do the same people they take these from , buy them back? maybe there is some kind of gps attached, so the police can catch them again?

then there was a sonicare toothbrush, and binoculars..i don’t know who wants to buy a criminal’s, an extreme grow light. i’m sorry, but if you buy that , the police should deliver it to you personally and then deliver you to jail, and the shovel that was next to this..jerry sandusky might enjoy the binoculars, while he is sitting outside, by the elementary school.

then there were 2 victoria’s secret bras. and a waterproof flashlight. who did they take the bra’s from, hookers?and what do you do with a waterproof flashlight, hide from the police in the lake?

Florida hotel tales:Shopping

Is it safe to go shopping in orlando? never have i heard so many bad stories about the last two months these crimes happened:first i went to millinea mall before christmas. an hour after i came back to the hotel, they are on tv saying two different ladies had the same story to tell.someone was at the mall slashing handbags. they slashed the bottom of the bag with a knife, while it is on your shoulder and take everything out of the bag.neither lady even noticed, they were so good.

then, my waiter heard the gunshots at the outlets and saw the brazilian women running outside.that is also where they were searching for jennifer kesse.

several days ago, everyone ran from the orlando walmart, because someone had a gun.he did have a gun .he was using it to hit the two guys who were attacking him,in the store.can you imagine being inside walmart and everyone having to run outside and being afraid, mothers with babies,elderly poeople with heart problems .that isn’t a relaxing vacation.

Michelle Parker

Dale Smith has filed to get  the child support back, he has paid, the state into a trust, since michelle went missing.he really has a lot of nerve. the poor sociopath doesn’t have a clue as to how a normal person thinks.. hello, dale, you just gave the prosecutor the number one reason you murdered michelle: good for you..also, you are making it look like michelle isn’t coming you know something, we don’t should be worried about when you will be arrested and you will just sometimes takes a while, because the laws seem to be made for you, the sociopath.i would say you should be worrying about your children, but it’s very clear you don’t care about them, or you wouldn’t have taken  their mother, away , from them.

jerry sandusky was just allowed to see his grandchildren, with one parent present and the judge said he can sit outside and watch children at the elementary school and neighbor children.josh powell was allowed visitation, and now they are dead. again, the laws are made for the appears that crime does pay.

Orange County; 2531 mug shots in 30 days

remeber in the 50’s or 60’s ,when andy griffith had two cells,and i love lucy had two cells,whenever they showed a jail. at some point we decided to build larger buildings.when are we going to build more prisons?isn’t it past that time?

there should be an entire prison just for everyone haleigh cummings knew. why was ronald cummings arrested  17 times, before he ever spent the first night in prison?

walking around with all of the criminals is like a game of russian roulette.why can’t we all be allowed to wake up alive tomorrow?why do we have to worry about the sociopathic x fiance, who is suspected of killing his x fiance, hurting their children? why did the brother of the first murdered man have to miss his brother all of these years, because of that same sociopathic guy being the leader of the gang that murdered that man years ago? why wasn’t he in prison ,then?michelle parker would still be alive.why does michelle’s mother, father  and family have to be depressed for  the rest of their lives? why do her children have to grow up without their mother to protect them and with that  violent criminal?

why do we have to go to sleep wondering if our grandson,will stab us 93 times? or a guest in another hotel room?or a pizza flyer criminal will break in every night? or if someone will use our baby as a human shield? if we will be one of 40,000 people the mexican drug cartel has murdered in 4 years? and these are just this week….it’s only thursday.

Gloria Helfrich murdered

If you look up sociopath or soprano in the dictionary, you will find a picture of jasper smiddle.according to fox news,jasper smiddle hated his uncle and wanted to kill him, but decided it would hurt his uncle more to kill his grandmother. after he murdered her, he was not only able to eat dinner , but also eat with his uncle , while his grandmother was dead in the other room.

abc believes he was using his grandmother’s credit cards.he sounds like casey anthony’s twin brother.a friend, charles glem fled with smiddle. glem said we might think jasper is a psychopath, but he thinks of jasper as his friend with some issues.

smiddle’s grandmother took him in and took care of  him, when no one else did.

Gloria Helfrich

One hour away , from the happiest place , on earth yesterday, jasper aristotle smiddle murdered his grandmother in the most horrifying, despicable way. i wish she died after the first stabbing and didn’t feel the unimaginable pain of being tortured by her own grandson, stabbed 93 times,hit in the face with a wrench and shot with a crossbow. i hope he suffers every minute of his life. i don’t even want to hear whatever disgusting excuse his defense attorney,probably jose baez  could make..he told his father , who turned him over, to  authorities.Eleven days ago a dr from another country asked me what is wrong with everyone? why are they all being so mean?that was before this happened.

i wonder how the judge, who ordered susan powell’s sons to have visits at their father’s house is sleeping tonight and why

 no one is at dale smith’s house taking his children away…it is the same exact thing, except dale is the number 1 suspect in murdering their mother and the children were taken away from their grandmother’s home, the only home they knew and dale is violent in public,a criminal…his violence is well known here. on local news tonight, they called josh powell ,only a person of interest. are they kidding?do they think he is able to sue them for calling him the suspect?

Florida hotel tales: today Loisisnett Garcia Rengel is missing

Another orlando mother is missing today.there was breaking news now. they show her picture so fast, you can’t even see her name. she was walking her children to school.i barely saw her first name and it was gone. it looked like loisisnet .you would think they would show her picture again at  the end of the news.she just went missing today, but nothing.why isn’t there a channel 24/7 that helps find missing and murdered  people and children and without all the acting  and including everyone, not just one person 10 hours straight. …and without all the medical examiner mishegas over and over, asking the ME what happens to the person,every week, every month, every 3 years, and pretending you don’t know the answer you have been asking for years, and asking in front of the deceased parent or child,what purpose does that serve? when i think about all the people who went missing during the two weeks of christmas reruns on an unnamed news network,..if you go missing in december you have even more problems, than going missing, if that’s possible, because weeks are wasted searching for you.

apparently michelle parker’s ex is still running around, with his children and without a care in the world, even though he has been the number 1 and only suspect since november 27.

earlier at an extended stay hotel,  home suite homes, in  orlando, a guest , raymond price stabbed another guest, a woman and slashed her neck. he was searching for her boyfriend, but decided to stab her. it was drug related.

Florida casey anthony hotel tales

it seems as if  many local people have their own stories of casey anthony.this is one of those stories.

a friend said her uncle works at a dr’s office ,in the area and he was helping a patient ,with a leg problem.she and her husband went to jail, because her husband grew marijuana, at their home. she said this lady was in the same jail with casey anthony and casey sent her  30 letters. they all talked about casey using chloroform to kill caylee. the police read these letters and said there was nothing they could do. they couldn’t use these in court, because casey lies.