Jerry Perdomo found 12 hours after Porter was arrested

Daniel Porter admits he killed Jerry Perdomo  police found evidence in the new carpet inside Porter’s father’s rental home.Perdomo was found by a search dog in the woods, by the home.Porter said he owed Jerry 3000.00 . he then murders Jerry, buys a 6000.00 car to go visit his mother and grandmother in Connecticut, because he doesn’t think he will be able to see them for a long time: he thinks he is going to jail.then,why didn’t he just give Perdomo the 3000.00 and Jerry would still be alive,Porter would still have 3000.00 and he wouldn’t go to prison for the next 25 years to life.

there may be more arrests.will it be Nowak or  even Tonya.Susan Constantine, body language expert, did not have good things to say about Tonya Perdomo’s press conference.


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