universal orlando/are we ever more than 500 feet from crime/ Terry Guerrier

there is an expression , you are never more than 5 feet from a spider. i am wondering if we are ever more than 500 feet from a crime here in orlando.march 4  around  2;30 am Terry Guerrier, 26 was murdered , shot in his car by universal and international blvd.one gunshot went into the best western lobby.

had i been in my hotel ,i would have been 500 feet from flying bullets, but i was in the hospital.i just signed a form and the nurse said she was going to get a wheelchair.as soon as she closed the door everyone started screaming lock down the hospital, no one goes in or out.this just happened on general hospital, when robin scorpio was apparently blown up in the hospital lab. i didn’t think that was happening.second thought was someone wanted to steal drugs.at 3;30 the nurse came back and said someone was ill.wait this is a hospital, everyone is ill.at 5 am the news came on and they said someone dropped off a dead body at dr. phillips hospital at 2;30 am and the hospital was locked down.

Before Terry Guerrier was murdered 3/4/12, two of his friends,Oliza and Dorceus were murdered on christmas ,in 2 different places.four people have been arrested, but no one has been arrested for killing Terry Guerrier yet. the police need the help of the public. there was an altercation earlier that night at club LAX between Terry’s production company  and  another production company.

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