Alexis Keanna Felton

Today, Alexis Felton ,21,is in orange county jail on suicide watch.she tried to strangle her baby 6 times in the hospital  and every attempt is on hospital tape.the baby has been hospitalized before, but was born healthy.

DCF investigated once  before, but did nothing.two female ralatives were on channel 9 news just now and said they aren’t suprised, because alexis was abused by her family her entire childhood.Alexis told the police she didn’t want her child to suffer.

Earlier today an officer said there were 400,000 incidents in orange county  and 16,000 arrests last year. i haven’t seen those numbers in writing.

There was another horrible wreck in orange county today, where a car crashed into a house , pieces flew over the roof into the house next door.Melanie Chaplin, 39 is thought the next door neighbor was taking Melanie and her child to elementary school and tried to pass a car ,while one in the house was injured.

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