Trayvon Martin

watching four local news channels for the last few weeks has shown me  not to always believe what hln says .i have seen a lot of misreporting or 3 days  later…just today ,on JVM they keep saying  the 911 operator said not to follow trayvon, but what the operator actually said was : we don’t need you to do that.

two talking heads have said zimmerman’s 46 calls to 911 is excessive. had i not been here ,i would have just taken their word, but i am here and about 4 calls a month is nothing. i have seen more than that at this universal hotel and i wrote about a neighborhood here a few weeks ago that had almost 1 call a day and the police said that wasn’t strange.

in my opinion hln is possibly unintentionally inciting a riot, the fact the child is dead is bad enough without saying things like there was a racial slur on the 911 call.local wftv has stated that professionals have done whatever they do to understand the tape and zimmerman says f****** punks.

also on hln i have herad no one report that zimmerman was a

 victim of crime 2 times .perhaps that has something to do with why he shoots first .that is why he should not have this volunteer job also they keep talking about neighborhood watch papers that say no guns.his building apparently had no papers,that is what local news says.

hln keeps saying racist over and over and demanding arrest,blaming police , but no one is saying how hard it is to arrest zimmerman because florida has had the stand your ground law , since 2005. you can use deadly force and not retreat. they have to find another way to arrrest him.if they don’t do this soon ,someone is going to try to kill him.why does it take so long to investigate.the news stations find answers before the police, but the police are busy investigating many other cases at the same time, like the hit and run of two teens yesterday ,terry guierrier, alexis felton, michael marshall…..

also people keep calling  up and saying zimmerman is home in bed. zimmerman has not been home, since hln started reporting according to news channels here.maybe the family could find answers and some justice faster  in civil court.

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