Teens Ortiz, Beckner and Johnson try to murder foster mother

monday night, in deltona florida,24 year old foster mother Bailey Vandyne had to lock herself in her room and call 911 because 3 of her teens were trying to murder her. they were outside trying to get in and break her neck.plan b was to stab Bailey and bury her in the park.they were throwing furniture to try to get her to come out.a fourth teen, hero ,saved bailey’s life by telling her the plot.

of course they were justified because they told police she took their phone privileges away.marliesia ortiz 13 and , christina beckner 15 and quandaleesha johnson 15 are where they belong.

4 thoughts on “Teens Ortiz, Beckner and Johnson try to murder foster mother

  1. I realize the severity of the threat to kill/murder the staffer. But what I don’t understand is why there had been so many 911 calls prior to that specific incident. Neighbors making complaints that the teens are out of control. Where was the Supervisor at the group home and what role did the supervisor play in resolving these issues. Was DCFS or the teens case workers called to step in.

  2. continued ……..I believe there is more to the story. I am not sure the teens realized that there would be consiquences to there actions based on what they have been allowed to get away with prior to this incident. We have to remember these are children with trust/abondinment issues who probably have been violated is some fashion. So I think the Group home staffers need to be trained and better prepaired to deal with issues as they arise.

  3. continued……… Did all three teens threaten the staffer? And why is the media calling the 24 yr old the Foster Mom. Were the teens talked to as a group or individually when their phone priviledges were taken away. I believe you get what you put out. Were they explained why the priviledges were taken away and how they can earn them back? Or was this just a rule the staffer made up.And the teens reacted because they felt it was unfair. It just seems to me there is no adult figure in the home for it to be so out of control. And maybe the teens threatening the staffer has worked for them in the past to get what they want. I think jail time is a bit much maybe probation /rehabilitation and mentoring program may get the teens on a positive path to being healthy,productive, and respectable young adults. IM JUST SAYING!!!

  4. Obviously there is more to the story than what we know. I believe children in group homes deal with neglect and abuse. I dont understand why these girls are allowed to hang out at night time. What ever happend to structure and discipline?
    These group homes should employ qualified people to deal with the needs of the children, not someone who cant handle the job.The teens seemed to be running the house. Why point the finger at the teens.If rules and regulations were inforced at all times the
    stFfer would mot be locking herself in a room.

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