Not enough prisons for Willie Hendersons?

willie henderson , of volusia county,had 27 pages of crimes over the last 20 years, when he decided to  beat strangle  and rape a woman who had let him mow her lawn for 20.00, a few days before this criminal tragedy.when the police went to arrest him,friday 4/27/12, he had the victims blood all over his clothes.

he has been arrested over the last 20 years for things like aggravated assault, drugs, and driving without a license. (this sounds a lot like ronald cummings,if you change driving without a license 2 times within a year to leaving the scene of an accident twice within 2 months).just last year he strangled another woman ,tried to rape her and took her car.why wasn’t he in jail?why is her life ruined now? she will suffer every day, because this idiot was not where he belonged. why do we not have enough prisons? why do i have to write this over and over?am i going to have to build prisons by myself? maybe i should just go to criminals homes and give them chalk to write on their sidewalks with and then they will be arrested?

henderson’s latest victim was beaten, strangled, has a black eye,swollen face,lip,finger marks on her neck, cuts, blood, bruises…. he is being arrested for sex crimes, battery kidnapping and 13  said “friday’s arrest affidavit says willie henderson is a danger to the public and society and  he will most likely re-offend”.gee , you think so? and it only took twenty years to figure that out? i wonder how long it will take to release him? who will be hurt next or probably murdered ? and how many other hendersons are running around? henderson should have been in jail with ronald cummings ,discussing affraying and drugging this past year and not assaulting another woman.

Still dangerous to shop in the florida sunshine

tuesday in orange county , ocoee, 19 minutes from orlando,at west oaks mall,a woman with her  baby was walking to their car in the jc penney parking lot and a man threatened her with a stun gun.he told her to put the baby in the car. she screamed and he ran away.a witness thought he got  into a tan, ford explorer.he is said to be 5 ‘ 8″, african american and in his 20’s.

also, yesterday , also in daylight, also in a parking lot , the walmart parking lot,in west melbourne, 1 hour 14 minutes from orlando, two people circled a woman with a white minivan, while she was loading her car,took her purse and dragged her 100 feet, according to wesh. abc said 150 feet. the police have the car, but not the criminals.

these crimes are both on tape and so is the aftermath of the orlando dunkin donuts robbery.some guy thought he was being so smart pretending to be an auditor and stealing money from the register, but you never know, when a retired officer, with a gun, from new york will be enjoying a donut or coffee, when you decide to commit a crime. also you never know when the workers are just not going to put up with the daily robberies. at least one  customer filmed waiting for police to arrive after the capture. someone pulled the robber by his tie.another slapped him ,on top of his head. the policeman said don’t do that.he had his arm around the guy and you could see the gun in his other hand pointed toward the ground.

Universal Doubletree Hilton Carjacking

early this morning , three people at gunpoint took someone’s camaro ,in the parking lot of orlando’s universal doubletree hilton.five minutes later , with the lights off, running from police,they crashed the car into the house of an 80 year old woman, who is very upset.police found an abandoned white suv, they believe is tied to these crimes.had i known this , i don’t think i would have just walked through the hilton parking lot. it was either that or the sidewalk and thursday i saw a snake , in the mulch next to the sidewalk, so i will never, ever , go near that sidewalk again.

 just yesterday , mareya alvarado was killed on colonial drive, in their food truck, she and her husband had put their life savings into and the bullet hit the coworker’s finger as he tried to shove the robbers on east colonial drive , a man pretended to be an auditor at dunkin donuts and robbed the store.

this brilliant idea is being reported now. first time juvenile offenders will not be arrested, but they will instead get a ticket, because of overcrowding in the prisons.that is wonderful news to the sociopaths , who  already believe they can get away with anything.there aren’t enough people here getting away with “murder”.i wouldn’t be suprised if they did give juveniles a ticket for murder.there will be murders. maybe not the second time or the third time, but that will eventually happen.of course it will happen anyway, but this will cause more…does that mean someone like misty croslin can lie to the police about a murder investigation daily for a year and just get a ticket. oh wait she wasn’t even arrested ,or given a ticket,until she turned 18 for being a drug dealer. does that mean 3 teens , who try to to knock the door down to murder one of their foster parents  will only get a ticket?

in sanford , a few hours ago, the sanford commissioners decided not to accept the sheriff’s resignation 3 to 2; the same exact vote as the no confidence vote .

Zimmerman released 4/ 23

1:04 am wesh 2 is reporting zimmerman has been released. no other stations, so i guess they will be saying all day ,we exclusively reported this…..1: 08 am they aren’t reporting this breaking news anymore?1;46 am , local 6 ,zimmerman released, ( breaking ,at bottom of the screen) but he was released around midnight.they made a bigger deal this winter when one night the temperature went down to 45 degrees.they had the beep beep, beep, breaking news….there are no live reports. hln said they were going to be at  the jail ….i could not figure out what that meant , when they show reruns all week-end.maybe, we will be there and show the tape, to you monday or we will hope it happens monday. i long for the days when you could watch the runaway bride live at 4 am.i wasted my birthday worrying about that mishuginah.

watch all the different channels and see how they all say different things. one thing they all had in common was to all show the wrong pictures. why did they all show a very heavy  zimmerman for nearly 2 months ,and a 14 year old trevon, even after they had  a thinner zimmerman and an older trevon. in most cases it doesn’t matter , but it did in this case. the weight anyway.

the misreporting:over and over and over on cnn / hln the talking heads  yelled that george didn’t go in an ambulance , so that meant his head wasn’t bleeding… friday abc claimed exclusive rights to the picture of zimmerman’s bleeding head. hln said they were not going to show it because it was upsetting. i don’t think i believe nancy. i think they have told us what to believe for 2 months and they are going to keep it that way. there are a lot of people tired of watching the coverage every 10 minutes and already believe what reporters have told us and aren’t watching. this is a case for the can’t make up what you want to be true. well you can but it isn’t right.maybe abc wouldn’t give cnn the picture , i don’t know, but i don’t believe nancy’s reason.cnn does everything  and anything for ratings.last week they had an hour about the news showing what people want to see, instead of what they need to see..

i have to put this in florida travel because trevon was visiting’s dangerous to travel in florida.

Orlando’s Mireya Maria Alvarado murdered

sunday’s much needed rain   came on the wrong day. it may have washed away evidence and  sent witnesses for cover, before police arrived.local 6 says the murder may be gang related(.last sunday , the burning bodies were said to be gang related) .Mireya was a retired nurse, 65.. she and her husband had started a food truck business a few months ago. two evildoers tried to rob mireya and her worker and she was shot in the chest.the two suspects are  both said to either be hispanic or african american?if you were a witness , please contact  407 823 TIPS.

the orlando sentinel wrote “food truck foodies and operators reacted with donations and sympathy”.her friends say she always had a smile and was very kind.another family destroyed!her poor husband and all the people who enjoyed their food.

remember when a day without orange juice was like a day without sunshine.a day without murder in orange county is like a day without sunshine.i am shocked that there are so many murders every day and i would be shocked if there was a day without a murder.( a day without orange juice is a day without hives. every day is a day without orange juice.why am i making up new orange juice sayings).

Take Two

thursday in orlando, at the mercedes dealership by the mall of millenia , an unidentified man , on film drives off in one of the  brand new mercedes that was just unloaded. he calmly walked to the car and picked the keys up off the seat and left. then he came back 6 minutes later and did this a second time. there are no license plates . he obviously knew the schedule and that the keys were in the cars. they have no idea where he is , who he is… would think quantico could enhance the film and that there may be gps tracking on the cars.what happened thursday? hey saul weren’t we supposed to get 10 cars today?yeah charles. but there are only 8. no, go count again….when you hear calmly walked, sociopath comes to mind.and the nerve to go back a second time. he either made 150,000.00 or 300,000.00 for 6 minutes of work.

what will they think of next? in miami they have a luxury car mafia, that is too complicated . a broker borrows luxury cars and rents them out for 2000.00 a day to people who end up being the russian and or the asian mafia , and the cars are long gone to a foreign country , before the police can do anything and it’s said the police cannot ever do anything about this.they know where the cars are, because these do have gps.this agent, raimundo modia, tried to get the  cars he rented back, himself  , so they shot / murdered him.there was a lamborghini involved, a porsche that belonged to tavares gooden,a san franscisco 49’er ,that he had to give back to the owner.logic says this is not a business to be in; it encourages only criminals and police have too many problems and not enough time  to solve already..the business license should have a disclaimer that says please beware the people who rent your cars are probably not who they say they are,and your car will be in japan in a few days or a chop shop in california…

Florida’s wild kingdom

another shark bit  the hand of a  man today, reported on local channels.his friend tried to drive him to the hospital but they had to call an there an invisible ocean here in orlando?

then they showed a monkey on the loose,in the trees of woods.novenber 23rd, they were searching for a rhesus monkey,on the loose in palm coast.february 7th, a monkey was captured in sanford.

four months ago,a bear was wandering around here. they said watch out.never a word if it was caught.a month ago, 24 minutes from orlando,Terri Gurley was bitten by a bear at longwood apartments, when she went to throw trash away. officials say she wasn’t attacked  it was a close encounter. well they don’t have to sit like she does on her close encounter.i think she would say wasn’t like the bear was a sociopath and thought i’m going to go hurt someone,like casey anthony or marcus wayne hunt. she was probably trying to protect her food and her baby . nevertheless she received the death penalty. no judge; no jury. they were going to put her baby in jail, when they found the cub.

april the 14th,according to the orlando sentinnel , sixteen minutes after leaving jail, in tampa,” marcus wayne hunt hit a man in the face and took his 190.00 bicycle.we have enough prisons for animals but not  for people.

so we have enough sense to catch these animals because they might harm  more people, but not enough to see the criminals who are going to destroy  more people than they already have, if you don’t lock them up.drew peterson is going to marry another woman and kill her ,if you let him out.there may even be a mathematical psychological equation for the probability of this.he was allowed to run around until some time after he killed 2 wives.josh powell was not able to be captured after he murdered his wife and that’s why susan’s children were murdered also.dale smith was the leader of a gang , who murdered a man .had he been in jail ,michelle parker would be alive with her 3 children , where they belong.