New to Sanford Jamison Knight 17 shot , paralyzed

Jamison Knight and his mother moved from georgia to sanford a month ago. monday night, he was shot in a drive by shooting in the neck and paralyzed from the waist down. the police say there were witnesses but no one will come forward.this happened just a few blocks from police headquarters.a white or silver car was seen.his mother said he is trying to be brave for her.they can’t even remove the bullet, from his neck,at this time

 wednesday, three more people who were visiting sanford, from michigan, including a pregnant woman were also shot, when about 30 bullets were fired.

16 thoughts on “New to Sanford Jamison Knight 17 shot , paralyzed

  1. How terrible for this kid and even more awful that no one will come forward. It’s a huge indictment on society that it’s come to this.
    I know from personal experience that there are many fantastic people in the USA but to be honest the gun culture and levels of violence are one of the reasons would never ever want to live there.

    • Just an observation, but removing guns does not make a society less violent. It merely makes those who would do harm find other ways to accomplish their goal. England’s violent crime rate is three times that of the U.S. In China and Japan attacks on schools and school children are conducted using knives and machetes.

      And then there’s Norway . . . . Gun control certainly didn’t prevent that tragedy.

  2. People kill. Get the sick ones in jail, mental institutions, someplace where violence clears off the street. Pray for a better new year and those in charge take better care of our country. Thanks for liking my blog posts. next time please leave a comment.

  3. Guns are like Cigarettes, they both will kill you sooner or later!
    The only time that I am in Sanford is to get out by way of route 4 on my way to the V. A.
    My prayers are with you!

  4. Thanks for stopping by and ‘liking’ my posts! I enjoy reading news and peoples’ takes on them. Always sad when it is shooting/killing but the responses are different and interesting.

  5. Thanks for liking “exit strategy” and “word extraction.” I enjoy seeing those unique chess pieces. I live in the county where that disturbed guy killed the Amish girls in the schoolhouse a few years ago. If I hadn’t been retired, I would have had to write about that tragedy in the local newspaper. It’s a type of crime that I had no experience with in 36 years as a news writer. But now, crimes such as this by disturbed people seem more prevalent everywhere.

    • wow.i’m glad you didn’t see those crimes then.. i am not writing about florida crime anymore , not since i left in august…you are at last year’s writing . if you don’t want to see crime go to the opposite end with 2013, you will see tv shows , silly haiku and other things.

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