Bulletproof your cars in Orlando like they do in Brazil

at 2;30 am last night a  48 year old man was shot in the chest through his  windshield. then 2 burning bodies  were found on a bike trail. i wasn’t going to write about murders , only accidents , or a police officer story,but a friend said these were close to his home.the most shocking thing he said, that i have heard here is that crime is actually down from last year.

everyone was reporting about  police officer Glorivette Garcia, this week-end who was fired. she wanted to buy 2 bottles of wine, but it was after 2 am or whatever time is too late to buy alcohol, so she took the bottles on tape.she goes back the next day to pay after she was in trouble. she tried to quit her job even though she was fired.she has a lawsuit against her for fighting in a bar and resisiting arrest. what i don’t understand is this: they said other officers who have done much worse have not been fired…what…what is worse than someone who steals ,does whatever they want , starts fights being out there arresting people.what ‘s to stop her from making up crimes and arresting people for no reason or taking bribes or anything else and don’t they have tests to weed out these people?there was a report of an officer or fireman who caused a car wreck and then jumped out and hit the victim recently. there is a trial going on now  for officers who used tasers on a woman who says she was protecting a friend. there was an officer on tape last week who knocked a woman down,i think this happened last year, but they just showed the tape.

these numbers are just off  the top of my head and in no way exact. after you bulletproof your car , you don’t have to worry about the drive by shootings.you can come to orlando and go to bike week, nascar, the boat show,all stars, spring break,universal…in the last few months at bike week, somewhere around 11 people were killed on motorcycles,3 died at the boat show,nascar had a car catch on fire,during  the all stars, there were riots at malls over new shoes….one day at spring break i heard 29 people were pulled out of the water , because of dangerous tides.it was a   little   windy.also i think they were making Jaws 2012.i have always heard you don’t have to worry about sharks.at least 3 people were bitten,i think 4 and 2 were bitten at the same time, within a half hour.i will never forget the  horror of those giant teeth marks, in that guy’s foot.they showed pictures of jelly fish here in orlando and kept warning people .someone from st. augustine told me all of her life, evry time she has been to the ocean she has been stung. in myrtle beach i know one one person who has been stung only once.the ocean is an hour away, a man who worked for the founders of publix told me, but with a short drive it can still be part of your orlando vacation.

should you get hungry take a drive to publix, but be very careful because last week a plane crashed into the roof. they think they will have repaired the damage and reopen next spring. then a few days ago, someone lost control of their car , 125 feet inside another publix .10 people were injured including a baby , who landed in a different department, in the baby carrier, mother had been holding.it is hard to believe and wonderful,that  the baby and an 84 year old man will be alright

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