Take Two

thursday in orlando, at the mercedes dealership by the mall of millenia , an unidentified man , on film drives off in one of the  brand new mercedes that was just unloaded. he calmly walked to the car and picked the keys up off the seat and left. then he came back 6 minutes later and did this a second time. there are no license plates . he obviously knew the schedule and that the keys were in the cars. they have no idea where he is , who he is…..you would think quantico could enhance the film and that there may be gps tracking on the cars.what happened thursday? hey saul weren’t we supposed to get 10 cars today?yeah charles. but there are only 8. no, go count again….when you hear calmly walked, sociopath comes to mind.and the nerve to go back a second time. he either made 150,000.00 or 300,000.00 for 6 minutes of work.

what will they think of next? in miami they have a luxury car mafia, that is too complicated . a broker borrows luxury cars and rents them out for 2000.00 a day to people who end up being the russian and or the asian mafia , and the cars are long gone to a foreign country , before the police can do anything and it’s said the police cannot ever do anything about this.they know where the cars are, because these do have gps.this agent, raimundo modia, tried to get the  cars he rented back, himself  , so they shot / murdered him.there was a lamborghini involved, a porsche that belonged to tavares gooden,a san franscisco 49’er ,that he had to give back to the owner.logic says this is not a business to be in; it encourages only criminals and police have too many problems and not enough time  to solve already..the business license should have a disclaimer that says please beware the people who rent your cars are probably not who they say they are,and your car will be in japan in a few days or a chop shop in california…

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