Orlando’s Mireya Maria Alvarado murdered

sunday’s much needed rain   came on the wrong day. it may have washed away evidence and  sent witnesses for cover, before police arrived.local 6 says the murder may be gang related(.last sunday , the burning bodies were said to be gang related) .Mireya was a retired nurse, 65.. she and her husband had started a food truck business a few months ago. two evildoers tried to rob mireya and her worker and she was shot in the chest.the two suspects are  both said to either be hispanic or african american?if you were a witness , please contact  407 823 TIPS.

the orlando sentinel wrote “food truck foodies and operators reacted with donations and sympathy”.her friends say she always had a smile and was very kind.another family destroyed!her poor husband and all the people who enjoyed their food.

remember when a day without orange juice was like a day without sunshine.a day without murder in orange county is like a day without sunshine.i am shocked that there are so many murders every day and i would be shocked if there was a day without a murder.( a day without orange juice is a day without hives. every day is a day without orange juice.why am i making up new orange juice sayings).

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