Bury your husband in the herb garden and not be arrested

Lie to your neighbors about where he is and to your daughter who lives across the street for months and you still will not be arrested. even after the police find your husband, that apparently is still not enough to be arrested. only after the autopsy showed  Benny Scott was bound on his hands and legs and his face covered with a bag and shot was Barbara Scott finally arrested.

if you would like to know what you will be arrested for in Orlando, it would be drawing on the sidewalk with chalk.i remember now hearing this shortly after i  arrived in december.Timothy Osmar a protestor was locked up for three weeks for writing on the sidewalk.On december the 16th, he wrote “justice equals liberty”. Scott Maxwell of the Orlando Sentinel wrote no one else has ever been locked uo for this.i clearly remember staring at the tv,. like it was an idiot and getting angry thinking about this apparently not a joke, when dale smith had been running around as the only murder suspect of michele parker for a month.

even worse today i remember thanksgiving and the nine days after, when the  100’s of Avatar criminals and victims were here at the doubletree hilton and they were walking past me to go eat lunch and i tried to get out of the stampede and walked by this very nice father ,playing with his two adorable impatient girls. he was drawing a hopscotch diagram in chalk ,in the bus parking lot next to the  hotel ballrooms.he was not an avatar. he didn’t act or look like a stepford wife or carry a colored book satchel, that i  am guessing tells how much money you were scamed for by the pyramid scheme sociopaths.today i realize that poor man could have been arrested, while the 100’s if not 1000’s roam free stealing money repeatedly from people in many different countries , 3 times at year at just this universal orlando doubletree. they have seminars everywhere.until yesterday,the last time i was outside, Terry Guerrier was murdered. yeserday , saturday  at 4 pm it was 75 degrees and the wind was blowing 15-20 mph. maybe 30 seconds after i opened the door, i smelled onions and  walked behind this car, the only car in the parking lot and they quickly slammed the door. my brain is so slow; finally i realized oh no , not again.that isn’t onions,it’s marijuana ,again, in broad daylight.am i always in the wrong place at the wrong time.why am i in the hospital when terry guerrier is murdered. am i the only person who has seen someone , in orlando write with chalk . i don’t think so.i think we are less than 500 feet from crime .

in 1979, it was believed John Good had murdered his girlfriend. his car was later found in orlando.for over 30 years he was running around. not until he murdered his second girlfriend , was he arrested.  this entire time he was using a fake name, bob jay parson. now at age 69 he has just been sentenced to only 25 years, for both murders..all he had to do was change his name. last week i would have thought, there are so many murders here every day, the police have no time.if you give them a pizza flyer criminal on a silver platter, they don’t care.. oh well ,they are too busy with murders, but when you start thinking about this chalk foolishness, you get very angry and very confused.

We used to worry about foster parents

Today you have to be afraid of foster teens.the judge saw there was enough evidence to hold teens , ortiz 13,beckner 15 and johnson 15 for trial.the 911 call was heartbreaking as the teens were trying to break the door down to kill the foster parent, when throwing furniture around didn’t work. . she was afraid she would die before the police arrived. apparently she had called her supervisor before the police.they had three different plans of murder and burying the body in the park.one neighbor said they were always causing trouble in his yard. he wasn’t suprised.

this was hardly their first offense. of the nine group homes,one had 57 calls to the police about them by neighbors.i think it may have been this home. commissioners and the mayor are investigating all of these homes now, and dcf is investigating.. what exactly does a parent have to do, to lose their child. i mean dcf did not take haleigh cummings away from the psychopath that is ronald cummings , as pat brown calls him or the sociopath misty croslin or even junior after haleigh went missing.dcf hasn’t taken  the children away from dale smith even though he is the only suspect in the murder of their mother michelle parker.dcf also left the children in the home  of michael marshall and sharon glass,starving and caged, a 40 pound 12 year old…

what laws exactly allow dcf to take  the children away?by the time they take the child away, they are half dead or already a sociopath like the only role models they ever saw.misty croslin should have been taken away from her parents, who admit they were always on drugs,in and out of jail and what kind of mother takes her son to a blind mans house in the middle of the night ,tricks him into using his phone in order to steal his gun and checkbook.lisa and hank croslin had money to buy drugs, but not food, and used the drugs in front of their three children.

i wonder how misty turned into a 14 year old dropout, a drug dealer ,who constantly lied to the police every day of her life about the disappearance of haleigh cummings,who may have murdered haleigh ,only to be arrested as soon as she turned 18 for dealing drugs on camera ,and by a school.


Universal Orlando area holiday week-end crime

like there isn’t enough local crime, tourists are now committing crimes.a 14 year old ,from georgia, attempted to sexually assault a maid at his international drive hotel.he was charged with battery, attempted sexual battery and false imprisonment, according to the orlando sentinel.

then at universal’s citywalk, movie theatre workers found an *Unconscious*   woman on  an ac unit  and a half dressed Joshua Gilliard behind the theatre , who said it was consensual.he pretended to be a pro golfer and bought the woman and her friend drinks and danced.he thinks  he’s a little bit tiger woods and a lot  joran van der sloot.

while all of this is going on, and not knowing,  if your hotel room faces universal, you can watch fireworks.some nights they start at 10;45 and others 9;45. i don’t know how long this has been going on, i just noticed a few days ago, when i heard bang, bang bang and  had just seen a man talking about hearing bang seven times and knowing what kind of gun someone had been murdered with, because he said “it happens all the time”in his neighborhood.maybe this neighborhood would be a good location for a brand new prison.actually every neighborhood here should have it’s own prison, one for the murderers with guns, one for the new breed of hammer murderers, one for the pizza flyer mafia, one for all the husbands who kill their wives and one for all the women who seem to bury their husband in the herb garden,one for all the teens murdering and another   for the teen rapists, one for the teen animal killers arrested today, one the sociopaths who starve their children and put them in cages,  and many for the pedophiles …………………..a new yorker, once said , i’ve never seen anything like it ,you have a church on every corner in the s.c. foothills.orlando should have a prison on every corner.

New to Sanford Jamison Knight 17 shot , paralyzed

Jamison Knight and his mother moved from georgia to sanford a month ago. monday night, he was shot in a drive by shooting in the neck and paralyzed from the waist down. the police say there were witnesses but no one will come forward.this happened just a few blocks from police headquarters.a white or silver car was seen.his mother said he is trying to be brave for her.they can’t even remove the bullet, from his neck,at this time

 wednesday, three more people who were visiting sanford, from michigan, including a pregnant woman were also shot, when about 30 bullets were fired.

Zimmerman and Trevon misreporting and not reporting

on march 21, i wrote about hearing on wftv someone had cleaned up the tapes to make clear what zimmerman said in the 911 call and he reported he used the word PUNKS.two weeks later hln is now saying this and reporting  he may have said punks.i never saw any other local channels trying to clean up the audio.do you know how many people were on  lets just  use hln screaming about zimmerman bing a racist, for hours a day. i wonder how many crimes have taken place because of this and will continue .i certainly have no idea what zimmerman said but i have seen the atlanta panthers propose a bounty to capture zimmerman and weeks and weeks of reverend sharpton and jackson screaming racist.i have seen people call these men racist.

jackson, from greenville ,s.c. is calling a letter ,at wftv, that describes zimmerman handing out flyers at an african american church about a white police officer’s son in sanford, 2 years ago, who beat a defenseless african american homeless man and calling for justice , because they didn’t charge the sociopath at the time, “propoganda trying to divide the community along racial lines”.excuse me for choking, but is that  not what sharpton and jackson are doing?

if the news  had reported everything when it happened , would people be running around with hammers beatling others, in the head, would spike lee have sent out the address he thought was zimmerman’s, would the 70 year old couple be driven from their home, getting death threats, would zimmerman’s father be getting death threats, would jackson or sharpton be screaming on tv all night?

in another late report: last wednesday afternoony, 9 days ago, i believe i saw a clear tape of the back of zimmerman’s head, on wesh news that showed a large red line. then at 4;30, they didn’t show this. neither did the other  local stations or cnn.hln had many people screaming there was nothing there.the next day no one showed this tape. many days later hln finally showed this tape and JVM said it might just be a bald spot.


Sanford , 28 minutes to Orlando

In broad daylight on march 25, in sanford,two adult  african american teens, 18 and 19 are said to have  hammered in the head repeatedly and pulled a caucasian man , 50, from his car . they were witnessed by neighbors, who called 911 and the fingerprints  of Julius Bender and Yahaziel Israel were found in the car they abandoned shortly after this attempted murder.even though they were seen, they dragged the man into the woods and kept hitting him in the head with the hammer.this man is on life support  at ORMC , orlando regional medical center.

at 7;30 tonight, a small plane crashed into an orlando publix and caught on fire. the pilot and co pilot also are at ORMC. at least 3 others, thought to be shopping were sent to hospitals. although on their way home from work drs and nurses turned around and went back to the hospital, not knowing how many people are injured.