kevin satterfield florida plates M968JC

in kissimee florida, early tuesday satterfield shot his wife vicki of 25 years, his  21 year old daughter, who was 8 months pregnant and the father of his grandchild, who is dead. vicki died, also. his daughter is alive but in critical condition at orlando regional medical center and the baby was delivered.there were other people living in the home, who were spared;the daughter’s boyfriend’s x girlfriend and their 7 year old child.

satterfield called his mother after the murders and said he was going to boston, to kill executives at cumberland farms.he is thought to be in a red or burgundy jeep cherokee with florida license plates M968JC, and “possibly dangerous”,according to  twis lizasuain , the osceola county sheriff spokeswoman.yes, when you try to murder 4 people and succeed in killing two and you are on your way to murder more,and tell your mother you will not be taken alive,that is possibly dangerous. is that statement to protect yourself from being sued or something?or was it stated before they knew what he did?

there was another shooting a few days ago,where a robbery suspect from of all places,Boston,Marvin Jones 22 ,decided to hide out in daytona. he was shot 5 times , then told police they should have killed him, because he shot his pregnant wife, in the car,police found his pregnant , now paralyzed girlfriend, Aviana Bailey.police are not taking his word for shooting that because he said wife , instead of girlfriend? but  now ,they are not sure if the police didn’t accidentally shoot her or if he really did.

so one crazy guy in florida shoots his pregnant daughter , and goes to boston to kill more people. and another crazy guy leaves boston for florida and  shoots his pregnant girlfriend, or says he shot this how the universe evens out criminals.they will both probably end up in jail here ,if there is enough room .if a jury decides to convict them…

May 2, Satterfield was arrested late last night, without incident ,at a hotel ,2 miles, from new orleans.


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