Jesse Davis failure of the system

Jesse Davis was arrested april 17th  and has been named as the first suspect in the murders of Nicholas Presha and Jeremy Stewart , but he hasn’t been arrested for murder yet. he was arrested for shooting Donovan Dirocco 6 times, robbing and beating him also.this happened several months ago. a cab driver was a witness and other witnesses would not speak to police. is it because they were afraid of Davis, his gang friends or were they gang members?

Dirocco could not speak, and he was critical.. “three days before the murders , police learned Dirocco had had a tracheotomy,  and could now speak. he  also was able to pick Davis   out of a photo lineup” according to wftv.Bill Schaeffer , defense attorney,said this wasn’t a failure in the system.Really?then why am i writing day after day after day about people exactly like this guy running around, who was arrested 6 times for drugs, 11 times for robbery, 7 times for battery and assault and there are other arrests,also.he should have been in prison long before he shot Dirocco 6 times, but we don’t have enough prisons, and the laws are made for the criminals .the crisis center wouldn’t keep him a week , before these murders.and if he killed these two boys , that is another failure in the system.are they afraid of him? there is a lot of talk about his mental illnes. today they say he also was schizophrenic. i can see the trial now, if there is a trial, and he is found guilty,. he will be sent to a mental facility, who will let him out to kill again.what do you have to do to be locked up for, besides writing on the sidewalk in chalk , here?

1 thought on “Jesse Davis failure of the system

  1. What an outrage! If this man has a history of violent crimes and mental illness, was released several times, all involved in making the decision to free him need be arrested to! Where was the justice for Donovan that you’d put off an arrest for such a long time?  This such a tragedy on too many levels.  He also has his fellow demons running alongside him still at large, well isn’t that just great!  So we as upstanding caring individuals just have to hope we don’t encounter these evil demons.  I am so disgusted that it takes the lives of our precious children to be taken before there was that moment of “maybe we should do something about this guy!”. Donovan is someone’s child as well as his other victims that we do not yet know by name!   I’m so angry I could explode right!  One thing I wish is that since our justice system sucks, that victims families are able to take it into their own hands and inflict justice as they see fit!  Sad thing is they’d get locked immediately.  We just have to wait for these demonic creatures to get caught while killing, beating and torturing victims along the way!

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