Drum major ,Robert Champion murdered

this is the most heartbreaking ,painful disgusting murder:i can’t bear to think about ,since it happened. Robert’s mother talked to her son every night. now she will spend the rest of her life,each night in pain not only ,because she can’t ever talk to him again,but thinking of the horror of 13 monsters beating her son to death.the unimaginable pain he endured.

also disgusting is the maximum of 6 years for those of the 13, who have not been charged with other crimes. fox reports 10 have now been arrested, but channel 9 said 8…Aaron Golson was arrested in talahassee in december, for breaking Bria Hunter’s thigh. how are you supposed to march in the marching band with a broken thigh.Caleb Jackson is already in another jail for battery.

hazing  and bullying are too kind and stupid words for murder.every channel is saying the school tried to cover this up and tell the defendants what to say, so they would not be charged with murder….the laws are supposed to be logical. there is no logic here.if you can only give each person 6 years for this murder, you are encouraging groups of people to murder.why would jesse davis murder 2 people and go to prison for life,when the entire gang as a whole could do this instead and only get 6 years each.murders will be a lot more painful and the sociopaths will only go to jail for 6 years each . then they can murder many more people, each time they leave prison.

they say 1 out of 25 people are sociopaths, 4 of 100, 3 men and 1 woman.how many sociopaths are in this band?hazing has been going on for many years . no one has ever stopped this.it’s 2012 and people are still as barbaric as henry the VIII.how do you stand there and have no empathy.some people might be scared or stupid enough to go along with the crowd, but these people grow up to ruin companies like donald trump, throw women away like cupcake wrappers, make almost racist comments about the president, call rosie o donnel names because she is taking women away from him or they probably murder again.

all we seem to be doing, in florida is thinking up ways to keep people out of prison.yesterday it was  the prosecution saying Jesse Davis had mental problems , from his last arrest….i don’t think i have ever heard a prosecutor say someone has mental problems.today it’s not calling this brutal murder  a murder and only a maximum of 6 years ….does this have anything to do with  the outcome of the casey anthony trial?every defense attorny was running around saying the case was overcharged.(what do you expect them to say. if we had professional jurors , she would be in prison).now, we are undercharging.

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