Do the Faella’s play with barbies

the government seized  masses of weapons from the white supremacist’s  10 acre training compound.the faells’s had been entertaining convicted felons ,while target practicing.they were getting ready for war,”to kill jews,immigrants, and other minorities.” also seized was a “skinhead” barbie. what in the world is a skinhead wouldn’t and does not have any such thing.are they playing with barbie in the down time,in between shooting ak 47’s?did they take a sweet idea by parents of cancer patients to make bald barbies for little girls with cancer from january and 4 months later, turn this into an ugly thing?mattel doesn’t take ideas from people outside their industry, so as far as i can see, there is no such barbie..did the faellas’s shave barbie’s head and give her to their children ,so they can grow up to be racists ,also.maybe barbie should sue them.

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