Jesse Davis failure of the system

Jesse Davis was arrested april 17th  and has been named as the first suspect in the murders of Nicholas Presha and Jeremy Stewart , but he hasn’t been arrested for murder yet. he was arrested for shooting Donovan Dirocco 6 times, robbing and beating him also.this happened several months ago. a cab driver was a witness and other witnesses would not speak to police. is it because they were afraid of Davis, his gang friends or were they gang members?

Dirocco could not speak, and he was critical.. “three days before the murders , police learned Dirocco had had a tracheotomy,  and could now speak. he  also was able to pick Davis   out of a photo lineup” according to wftv.Bill Schaeffer , defense attorney,said this wasn’t a failure in the system.Really?then why am i writing day after day after day about people exactly like this guy running around, who was arrested 6 times for drugs, 11 times for robbery, 7 times for battery and assault and there are other arrests,also.he should have been in prison long before he shot Dirocco 6 times, but we don’t have enough prisons, and the laws are made for the criminals .the crisis center wouldn’t keep him a week , before these murders.and if he killed these two boys , that is another failure in the system.are they afraid of him? there is a lot of talk about his mental illnes. today they say he also was schizophrenic. i can see the trial now, if there is a trial, and he is found guilty,. he will be sent to a mental facility, who will let him out to kill again.what do you have to do to be locked up for, besides writing on the sidewalk in chalk , here?

First arrest of cady way trail murdered students

Jesse Davis ,30 ,was taken into custody april 17,for a concealed weapon and 1st degree attempted murder, and robbery with a firearm,but they are now saying his name as being the first suspect arrested for the execution and burning of Nicholas Presha and Jeremy Stewart, on april 15th.Davis is in the orange county jail.

these are a few crimes Davis was arrested for in the past: he was arrrested 16 times for drugs ( correction  wftv  says 6 times for drugs)and 7 times for battery and assault and  11 for robbery or theft….his mother patricia davis hall said the week before the murders ,jesse had halucinations and thoughts of killing other people. she took him for help.she can’t believe he did this.the entire top of Jesse’s head is covered in tattoos . his face also has  unfriendly ,tattoos.his appearance is not that of an angel.patricia has been receiving death threats from other suspects! suspects are gang members according to sources of wesh and seems as if the police are on the right track.

Nicholas Presha’s father works for the DA.he was  formerly ,the orange county sheriff captain

kevin satterfield florida plates M968JC

in kissimee florida, early tuesday satterfield shot his wife vicki of 25 years, his  21 year old daughter, who was 8 months pregnant and the father of his grandchild, who is dead. vicki died, also. his daughter is alive but in critical condition at orlando regional medical center and the baby was delivered.there were other people living in the home, who were spared;the daughter’s boyfriend’s x girlfriend and their 7 year old child.

satterfield called his mother after the murders and said he was going to boston, to kill executives at cumberland farms.he is thought to be in a red or burgundy jeep cherokee with florida license plates M968JC, and “possibly dangerous”,according to  twis lizasuain , the osceola county sheriff spokeswoman.yes, when you try to murder 4 people and succeed in killing two and you are on your way to murder more,and tell your mother you will not be taken alive,that is possibly dangerous. is that statement to protect yourself from being sued or something?or was it stated before they knew what he did?

there was another shooting a few days ago,where a robbery suspect from of all places,Boston,Marvin Jones 22 ,decided to hide out in daytona. he was shot 5 times , then told police they should have killed him, because he shot his pregnant wife, in the car,police found his pregnant , now paralyzed girlfriend, Aviana Bailey.police are not taking his word for shooting that because he said wife , instead of girlfriend? but  now ,they are not sure if the police didn’t accidentally shoot her or if he really did.

so one crazy guy in florida shoots his pregnant daughter , and goes to boston to kill more people. and another crazy guy leaves boston for florida and  shoots his pregnant girlfriend, or says he shot this how the universe evens out criminals.they will both probably end up in jail here ,if there is enough room .if a jury decides to convict them…

May 2, Satterfield was arrested late last night, without incident ,at a hotel ,2 miles, from new orleans.

another grandson ,christopher whaley, murdered his grandmother

less than three months ago, on february 7th, jaspar aristotle smiddie , 19,stabbed his grandmother to death 93 times in lake wales gloria helfrich was 69 years old.

saturday christopher whaley ,23, stabbed his grandmother,barbara denmark, 69, to death 25 times in her bath.again in lake wales, florida.barbara who lived for her children and grandchildren said i love you , while her grandson was murdering her.this made him change his mind and not kill his aunt or the others in the home, he had planned to kill.instead he decided to call 911 and admit to murdering his grandmother. he said he can’t even remember what the argument was about.earlier wesh said he may have been upset because he didn’t want to leave his vacation in daytona?

both grandsons lived with their grandmothers , because no one else in the family would take them into their homes.sociopaths always enjoy repaying kindness with it a coincidence that they both lived in lake wales?  they both admitted to murder.smiddie called his father and whaley called 911 , on tape.they both stabbed their grandmothers.

the nerve of every station today to say crime has gone down, since last year.i could not imagine being here last year, if this is what crime going down looks like. people being shot at in cars in the daylight, being murdered every single day, a forcible rape every 1hour and 40 minutes, men killing wives, or fiances,so they don’t have to pay child support,women burying husbands in the herb garden, pedophiles,grandsons stabbing grandmothers,purse snatchings that end in draggings with cars ,3 in the last month,teens attempting to murder a foster parent, teens breaking into schools murdering pets, teens being murdered and their bodies set on fire,parents starving their children and one in a cage………………………….in orlando they said overall crime has decreased 4.6%. it’s at a 41 year low. i cannot believe this.i wouldn’t have wanted to be here then and i don’t now. is it because they aren’t arresting the people? is that why it’s so low?i did see one statistic that said justified murder was up. this was explained a few months ago as the stand your ground law allows more murders especially by  gangs killing other gang members and there is nothing police can do.they say it was self defense, then no one goes to jail.there are deaths that are said to be not criminal,like yesterday a man ‘s body was found floating in a lake.they don’t know if it was a crime. a few weeks ago, a body was found on the side of the street and they said it could be natural causes. also there was a man’s body found in the woods they said wasn’t foul play.