Exploitation of the Elderly Angel Martinez 88

remember kimberly dawn smith (may 8),who was in jail ,for stealing money from two elderly people,goldie robinson and arthur sheldon. their bodies were found in and near her yard, but she was only in jail , so far ,for using their credit cards. that’s alright, because they have plenty of time to make a case, since she added on more years, while in jail , i hope,by asking her friend to pretend to be an attorney and charging another inmate about 17,000 for services.she befriended arthur sheldon, became caretaker and pretended to be his wife.

now, there are 3 more women, who did the same thing to angel martinez :belgica rivera 46 who unlike smith really married martinez,diana romero 49 took the victim’s car and a notary dianne wagner 62 apparently helped with the marriage license , car title and financial things (her sister said she was honest).the 3 took over 150,000.00 from angel, but the worst part:he was locked in a room and every time he tried to get away, he was beaten. he is 88, ill with cancer and memory problems.i can hear the defense attorney now, but i don’t want to give him ideas.it isn’t bad enough, the wild west is going on, in the streets, but people are abusing elderly and helpless people behind closed doors, and we don’t know.it’s a hate crime and .whoever locked him up and or hit him deserves the death penalty.

Ashton Jojo noon news on local 6

the pond was drained and they say that possibly  electrocution could be caused by a circuit breaker that was attached to the water pump, in the pond. it  may have been replaced with a different type, instead of the one it should have been replaced with…this  one would not  be safe in water.

channel 9 said nothing about this, but there will be more news at 6 pm on all networks.

Too Many Freak Accidents in Orange County

a little girl ,ashton jojo comes to florida to celebrate her 11th birthday and dies in a freak accident, that is still being investigated.dogs die from chew snacks, that turn to cement, when saliva touches them. a few weeks ago, they were talking about more  dogs dying from doggie treats for a second time, by the same company.maybe these aren’t accidents. who would know, not to reach into a pond for a ball or that you can’t give your dog certain treats?

and now black bears seem to be  running around all over orlando.they enjoy the city, trees in neighborhoods, front yards, museums, apartments and i believe they were taken off the endangered list today.people are going to be on that list soon.i lost track of how many bears: first , there was the bear who, in march ,bit terri gurley on her sit upon,then two seperate bears that were tranquilized in trees .then another who wasn’t tranquilized , but allowed to sit at the museum and wander to homes, after that two were caught on video fighting in someone’s front yard and yesterday three little bears , also on film were running through the woods to a neighbor’s house, the neighbor of the cameraman.these are the bears i have seen, on tv.someone told me today, on the news last night, there was a baby bear in a garage and his mother finally figured how to open the garage, but this was in california, maybe orange county california?

last week two people were struck by lightning, one at the beach and another on a golf course.i was on a golf course , during a hurricane once, in a hail storm ,with  someone i have  written ( if they would like to have it ) a very true, funny, larry david , curb your enthusiasm episode about, after the police made 500,000 people leave myrtle beach and he wouldn’t go, not until they turned  off ,the electricity .then , we went to the golf course.why would there be hail.

Ashton Jojo 11

orange county: tonight ashton jojo was playing putt putt, at  the orange lake resort and witnesses believe she was electrocuted, when she tried to retrieve a ball from a small pond.this man tried to help her, when she screamed, but he was thought to be electrocuted.he is the only one, who lived.(he is  now identified by the orlando sentinel as christopher burges from alabama).

two fisherman,michael keeler and edward grismondi were lost in the woods of orange county near the little econ river today, after their tracks were washed away.we had 10 inches of rain since sunday.they were trapped with large alligators and horrible creatures worse than alligators. finally, helicopters found them with hundreds of mosquito bites, before it got dark. the trees are so thick,it is hard to see people, and possibly why they can’t find  marsharie lemons-garrett.sunday , it rained for 24 hours and every other day, it rains almost constantly.yesterday,it stopped for 15 minutes and then it started again for hours,then stops a few minutes…people comment.they can’t believe it stopped and smile.the news had 10 minutes of weather news before they even get to all the robberies and murders. a couple robbed 5 stores ,  4 in orange county and 1 in orlando, in an hour ,wednesday morning and they were caught and very rude to reporters.juliette santiago and abimelec ortiz rivera confessed after being caught. and they weren’t the only people robbing stores and restaurants today

Missing Marsharie Lemons- Garrett of Palm Bay

Marsharie Lemons- Garrett, 22 was last seen by her mother in their palm bay home early friday morning.she came home at noon , to find her daughter missing.lt. james richmond said the family has only been in the area about a month.marsharie’s socks and shoes were found by turkey creek woods.she is wearing purple winnie the pooh pajamas, is 5′ 8 ” tall, about 150 pounds , african american ,has short braided hair, no cell phone, no money or shoes.. a helicopter and traciking dog searched the woods, but lost her tracks.

Dino Cannon murdered at club limelite

Dino Cannon and his family were in orlando celebrating his high school graduation and now he is dead.they have been begging for someone to say what happened. someone did , because police have been looking for Durick Ingraham, 24. last night durick turned himself in to authorities.they believe he waited in the parking lot and shot Dino , as he walked outside.

there are a lot of violent crimes at orlando clubs, a lot of fights.at least  three recently.march 4th, Terry Guerrier was murdered in his BMW after leaving  club LAX, where there was an altercation with another production company.i was in the hospital at 2;30 AM, when people dropped his body off , outside my room, near the door and people were screaming and there was an announcement to lock down the hospital: no one in or out. i didn’t know what happened until 5 am . you can’t believe what you hear on the news, even when you watch 5 networks , unless you are there and then you still might not really know.

 around june 5 , emily cox and two women were arguing  at orlando’s nightclub Roxy and were thrown out… emily, then tried to kill a policeman by running over officer Ramos, with her car.luckily he is still alive. she did run over him and   he also shot her.she was expected to live.

there appears to be absolutely no concern or care about human life.i don’t even know if it has anything to do with drinking, but it looks like whoever is thrown out for fighting is probably going to kill someone.however in the terry guerrier case, some of his associates were murdered christmas. dpes this have anything to do with the same people arguing with him, at the club, the police will figure out and probably have…when they arrest you, i will be happy..

Is Jesse Brandon Davis incompetent to stand trial

or just another monster?at 30, he has been arrested 20 times, they say, but he has been charged with more than 20 counts.was the 19th arrest , when he shot donovan dirocco 6 times?everyone was afraid to testify against him. i think he knows right from wrong. he and rodriguez took the clothes of jeremy stewert and nicholas presha , kidnapped. shot and set their bodies on fire. he chose not to take his medicine, to intimidate everyone…to steal stolen guns from the boys and shoot them with one of those guns.this is the story the girlfriend of davis, angela patterson, tells, according to wesh,after reading the bible, as told by channel 9.i think the police are the ones , who figured out this was the same gun, because patterson did not see the murder.

assistant state attorney josh adams has resigned over his part, in the allowing davis ,  no jail time after two psychiatrists couldn’t agree on his sanity.he should have received at least 4 years.i have read so far, in two different cases now, the score is 3 to 1 .3 say he is insane.i don’t care what he is, as long as he is locked away forever.he was told to go to a mental hospital , in that case and his mother said they let him out. i have a suspicion he terrorizes them. and why didn’t anyone check and see if he was at the hospital? the teens would be alive had he been in jail, where he belonged 19 arrests ago. before he shot donovan dirocco 6  times, there was a road rage incident , where a man honked at him, so he broke the man’s window and beat him, with a stick.i believe this is the case adams resigned over, because it was just recently found out, who shot dirocco, but i cannot be certain, because you would have to be here in orlando from the beginning, to understand,all davis has done.how many people have suffered, because of him. i wonder when he should have been locked away.

locals are saying they should have locked angela patterson up, also. how can anyone be the girlfriend of that monster..

Homeless in Orlando

a mother and daughter sat outside the hotel from 12- 9 pm last night.they would not take any food.i tried to give them water and food three times, yesterday.i wrote the names and addresses and phone numbers of 6 shelters for women in orlando and hotline numbers, but she would not take this. she said she was aware of them.they take their luggage to the universal trolley stop and sit there , then they sit in front of the hotel.she told me she found a phone to borrow, but she will not take any help.i don’t know what to do?apparently this has been going on, since monday.

Universal Orlando Silly Hotel Tales

when mr. and mrs. mallard come back from las  vegas, i hope they bring me a t shirt and belgian waffles.there is what looks like a rooster and a gray duck, who had four baby ducks, two are gray and two look , also,  like roosters.they have that red beard like the cartoon and walk around on the grass.i don’t think it’s possible, but that’s what they appear to be.

yesterday, someone asked if i had a lighter. i am the last person on earth, who would have a lighter. today, someone asked if they could borrow my cell phone. they probably could have asked anyone else here and they would have had a cell phone.

mindy was waiting for her husband to pick her up from a long day of cleaning  and she told me she had 8 children, 7 live with her and 4 grandchildren. six months ago, habitat for humanity built her a house , in orlando. there is a fire alarm, that talks to her a lot. it says there is a fire, sometimes and wakes her up, but thank goodness there is no fire.

aciidentally, i found out who was homeless, the other day and needed a hotel room.maybe the fbi should hire me, because i am always in the wrong place, at the wrong time, or the right time.i had a cab driver in s.c. who  said we should work for the cia. no one would ever know.he used to call me miss daisy.he was in the movie, three men and a baby.once , don johnson came to charleston to make a movie and mr. e did not get along , with him, so in the end he gave don johnson his card and fifty cents and said , “next time you need a cab, don’t call this number”.

The Orlando Peeping Burglar , june 15 – 23

on june fifteenth,, last week they had the peeper and let him go. i wrote, i couldn’t believe this and of course he would keep doing this, but i had no idea, he would try again , so soon. he hasn’t taken a break. on, wftv tonight, they are showing his sketch artist drawing…when people catch him, trying to break in, he is so bold, he stops and has conversations , with his victims.the first woman, who saw him looking into her bedroom identified the sketch as him.i’m guessing the police told the sketch artist, what this guy looked like.he has broken  into several homes.that’s the term channel 6 used, but they rattled off a list of communities he attacked.he strikes between 4 ;00 am and 5:00 am.

speaking of attacked: bears are still roaming the streets. yesterday, two black bears were caught ,on camera fighting in someone’s yard.people were making up their own stories again, about fighting over women and things like this… they are being taken off the endangered list. i lost track of how many bears have been seen in orlando, in the last few months.is it safe to walk outside safe from bears?i know it isn’t safe from crime.