Universal Orlando Hotel Tales

today ,at a universal restaurant ,first i showed I and R the expiration date on my quaker oats from 2009.not a good thing considering,i have only been here since october 27th of 2011.they said they have had similar expiration problems at that store.a few minutes later, I. walked by my table and made a face ,saying  health inspector. then R. walked by and made the same exact face.a few minutes later the manager was shaking and wringing his hands and whispered the health inspectors are here. i said i know.now, i am starting to get worried, because everyone is upset.should we be eating here? yes, everything was alright, but apparently managers get upset during inspections, and take this out on the waitressess.i thought everything would be alright..

then i reached for a strawberry on a stick to dip in chocolate but instead got a splinter.then i was drinking a glass of water and swallowed a lemon seed. luckily when i coughed it flew across the table.then i tried to open the door ,to the ladies room at the hotel and it was locked. i waited a few minutes and it was still locked, but this time i saw a sticker next to the door , that said pet inside.i really didn’t want to ask is there a pet inside the ladies room, but no there was not. it was someone’s attempt at a joke.i thought it was a very funny joke.


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