Tim Osmar / free speech,Mayor Dyer/free hypocrisy

first i can’t decide what to call this: tim osmar part III,look who’s picture is under hypocrite in the dictionary, lets kill all the lawyers by william shakespeare, or you can write on my sidewalk anytime.

i was very wrong thursday ,saying it might be a little bit disrespectful to write on the sidewalk after reading june 8ths, orlando sentinel story , about tim osmar and the part   about the mayor.in 2009 , mayor dyer “encouraged local businesses to chalk up their sidewalks,to show support to the orlando magic ,during the playoffs”, written by mark schlueb. the orlando rotary “held a chalk art festival on the same city hall plaza”.wow, unbelieveable.there is no explanation for this.hypocrisy.sports.free speech.

if tim osmar has something to say, allow him to do so. he isn’t hurting anyone. the poor man is homeless. someone could give him a job. i am not sure why he quotes william shakespeare about killing all the lawyers, but the lawyers are the only ones who win here. the defense lawyers who lost are the only ones who won, even though they lost. they get about 150,000 and they gave the city a discount.they should give tim most of the money how does he win, if he recieves only 6000.00..permits for large group feedings and no freedom of speech for homeless people.maybe the mayor thought he was putting a roof over tim’s head by putting him in jail.


(tim osmar haiku)

Kill All The Lawyers

Hypocrisy Sports Free Speech

Pink Crayola Chalk.

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