florida chiropractors arrested in 2012

a few weeks ago, may 2012, joseph wagner was arrested for writing prescriptions. chiropractors cannot write prescriptions in florida. that isn’t all he has done. they said he had a diamond ring in his suitcase and had a one way ticket to mexico.he had 86,000 in a mexican bank and was going to marry his girlfriend, but he had a wife here ,who was divorcing him. in 2005, joseph was arrested for grabbing carolina by the neck, pushed her down and broke her thumb. she had 3 charges of domestic violence against her, also.in his picture, he sticks his chin up in the air, like ronald cummings.also there were charges of selling drugs to an undercover, insurance fraud, and charging for services not performed. i don’t believe i have ever heard of a chiropractor being arrested before this.

a respected orlando chiropractor, dr. kevin wynne, was arrested for a hit and run, in which a motorcyclist was killed in february.

in cape coral, in march, dr . stephen lovell’s office was raided and padlocked. major PIP fraud , insurance scams, staging wrecks and filing insurance bills  are some of the charges.because florida is the top state for insurance scams, organized crime has become involved.

in may, a fort lauderdale retired , 40 year old chiropractor ,jonathan lee davis,decided to take over 80 pictures  of himself with young girls, in a department store.this isn’t the first time he has done this. he was caught on store video , also.he is accused of saying pssst come here to girls and then i can’t repeat what happens after this.

these are all very serious charges.the hit and run dr. faces up to 60 years in prison.


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