Florida Hotal Tales

tuesday, 4;45 pm, i tried to ask joely to send a 12 page fax.. one of the pages  from 3 different departments of the IRS was stuck in the machine, so i asked joely if she could hand feed each page.that that is how amie and caylee do this. she ignored me….then, it seemed like millions of people checked in and i waited to tell her, that she sent 4 pages and then she apparently knew something was wrong and sent 6 pages… one couple checked in, went to the room with luggage , left and came back from chick fil a and the grocery store and i was still waiting to send the fax… when i showed her the confirmations, she said it said ok…yes for 6 pages or 4 pages, but there are 12 pages…she said oh , so it didn’t send 2.i asked her which 2?there was no answer. but before this happened. everyone had left. it was my turn and only 6;30 pm this only took 1 hour and 45 minutes.i stood up to get help and this man was stuck in the door with the luggage cart. i knew if i helped him, she was going to leave, b/c that’s what she does best, but i helped the man  for one minute and she left, so i rang the bell. she was sitting behind the corner again and said just one minute. that’s when the oh, so only 2 pages are missing exchange happened.

this man sat down next to me and told me about fishing in atlanta, after an hour ,i realized he was the man who worked with the 2 guys from n.c., who had seen the universal orlando alligator last week.monday night ,the mother of a cute little dog named indiana jones said a woman and child were waiting all day to get a hotel room, when one of these fisherman from n.c. paid for the room and told the manager, not to give him credit. it was very kind.if i didn’t have so much troulble with joely faxing , i wouldn’t know these things.

yesterday at noon, i woke up and there was an obstruction in the window or i was having a nightmare. the word PURGE was outside my window, so i got up and it was a two story sign,on a truck,with a picture of mitt romney and the governor not affiliated with any political party and a man hammering, who woke me. amie told me this man had been thrown out of disney, b/c of this sign and they gave him a trespassing citation. he cannot return to disney for a year.someone was probably shooting someone in broad daylight , as usual here and instead of finding the killer, they are doing stupid things like this.

today, this lady who looked like mrs. obama , with a baseball cap,came out of the ladies room, and looked like she had just scrubbed for surgery or her nails were wet and she said “just doing the not touching the door thing” and we laughed.then my favorite person who just became a universal restaurant manager and  my best friend zaria sat down at my table and laughed at me, b/c there was a big sign sunday that said bring the manager back and they knew i had written this on the restaurant survey. they brought her back sunday, so it had nothing to do with me, but they fought it was funny.

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