Universal Orlando Silly Hotel Tales

when mr. and mrs. mallard come back from las  vegas, i hope they bring me a t shirt and belgian waffles.there is what looks like a rooster and a gray duck, who had four baby ducks, two are gray and two look , also,  like roosters.they have that red beard like the cartoon and walk around on the grass.i don’t think it’s possible, but that’s what they appear to be.

yesterday, someone asked if i had a lighter. i am the last person on earth, who would have a lighter. today, someone asked if they could borrow my cell phone. they probably could have asked anyone else here and they would have had a cell phone.

mindy was waiting for her husband to pick her up from a long day of cleaning  and she told me she had 8 children, 7 live with her and 4 grandchildren. six months ago, habitat for humanity built her a house , in orlando. there is a fire alarm, that talks to her a lot. it says there is a fire, sometimes and wakes her up, but thank goodness there is no fire.

aciidentally, i found out who was homeless, the other day and needed a hotel room.maybe the fbi should hire me, because i am always in the wrong place, at the wrong time, or the right time.i had a cab driver in s.c. who  said we should work for the cia. no one would ever know.he used to call me miss daisy.he was in the movie, three men and a baby.once , don johnson came to charleston to make a movie and mr. e did not get along , with him, so in the end he gave don johnson his card and fifty cents and said , “next time you need a cab, don’t call this number”.

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