Slashing purses at Mall of Millenia

today , they are at it again, on the local news . i don’t understand why the reporters are asking questions,like it didn’t happen before. it happened in december and they were the same people who told us. i wrote about this , february 15th, why, because i also,had forgotten it had happened in december. if you google :slashing purses mall, what comes up is orlando’s mall of this some kind of  talent only reserved for orlando? shoppers are afraid that someone has a knife that close to their’s the same MO.around december 5th,two people reported this. again, today,two people had purses slashed and no one noticed, at the time , when items were stolen.

i was shocked that the anchor forgot this happened 6 months ago , but even more shocked to hear someone dressed as a security guard , who may really be a security guard at another company burglarized units in 55 west, a high rise,  with 24/7 security. he may have also done this before… they are still investigating and there are conflicting reports on different channels, but nelson simmons 32 was caught ,wearing the secureamerica shirt, with a weapon and stolen goods and confessed..

an officer said a lesson was people should get to know security in their building, but i don’t understand, because there are a lot of different people who substitute and people who leave if one night ,you see a new person that doesn’t mean he is a thief.if you aren’t safe in a high rise downtown, then i just give up.


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