Universal Orlando restaurant hotel tales

A lot of people have been walking around ,with red t shirts on, that say Thing 1 and Thing 2,since october.today i was getting ready to ask the waiter ,what that means. all of a sudden this woman across the room stood up and asked her husband if he knew what things 1 and 2 are and he said no and she said they are from dr. seuss.

later, the waiter was talking to this nice man from jamaica, who has eaten there, for either breakfast or lunch, for over 6 years.i remember he hugged me thanksgiving,  and new years. while the waiter was standing there, i was thinking about how the servers at friday’s always sit down at my booth and tell me stories, because they are tired. at that moment he sat down.that is the first time, i have ever seen him sit, in 8 months later, he said they are not allowed to sit.everything i thought about happened, so i thought he should go buy a lottery ticket, because i was thinking he would win a million dollars .

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