Universal Orlando Hotel Tales

The elevator door opened around 6 pm, in the lobby and no one was there. in the middle of the floor,sitting still ,it appeared to be a tarantula.the doors closed.what in the world, so i pushed the button and he came back, but he wasn’t a tarantula, he was human hair,in the shape of  a  large spider.i could not quit laughing.someone pushed the button and he came back and they got on the elevator and made a face, but said nothing. a minute later someone else pushed the button and he and his little boy , also looked but rode with the tarantula.then another man got on and kicked the hair to the corner.i’m still laughing.finally, i pushed him out the door and the manager took him away.

three hours later , i walked down the hall to go fax something in the lobby and there was a frog sitting in front of the elevator waiting to go to the lobby.someone isplaying tricks again and they shaped the hair into a frog.how did he even leave the manager and i couldn’t quit crying to ask her how he went back upstairs.

last night a man and a woman and her father and 3 children checked in and they were going to get married last night.he was upset because he had to walk to the pool, even though he has a pool in his home.also, the groom asked if they could just leave the children here forever. then she out of nowhere, tells the children that i was an opera singer and i laughed and shook my head no. so she all of a sudden started speaking like she was from new jersey. “you gonna ahgu wit me”.” she’s gonna argu wit me”.these are all hotel faxing tales.

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