Universal Orlando Hotel Tales

One day in december, a manager at the restaurant said one day you will own the company.his joke is starting to come true. today,after  lunch , my server gave me a salad to take home , breadsticks for my ducks and a 10.00 gift card.she is so sweet and always gives me things. i don’t think there is a manager there or server, who hasn’t.about a month ago, melissa waited on me. then 2 weeks later she said would you like a diet coke, water, broccoli soup and a house salad with ranch dressing on the side.how could she possibly know that. they are magicians.today, she said she was going to grab me next time, i come in the door , because she never gets me. 

at another restaurant, a woman touches the shade with her finger and i said uhoh and sent gerard a note in the kitchen, that he should dust the shade, before the health inspector comes back.he said tonight. every time he sees me he starts singing errin songs. last week  it was if you knew errin like i knew errin. then he asked geraldine at the salad bar, if she knew errin and she said i don’t want to know errin,like you know errin.everyone’s a comeddiene.later , water started pouring  from the ceiling and i was the only one who noticed… pointing like an irish setter for a few minutes, before anyone looked up and then they ran in the kitchen to get the general manager. it’s a good thing no one was sitting at that table.

the mother of indiana jones took her puppy to the beach, in sarasota, for the week-end ,so he could see the ocean for the first time. another family  checked in and left their dog in the room, to bark for 3 hours nonstop., while everyone complains.they were out enjoying dinner , when the hotel called and didn’t bother to come back.

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