why is publix suing kim presbrey and thomas rhoades?

the pilot later died from his injuries , 3rd degree burns ,after he tried not to hurt anyone in the store and was worried more about them, than himself,in the terrible pain and burns he was suffering.the store is not a living breathing thing.it was fixed ,probably better than it was before. why would publix put his family through that and the copilot, thomas rhoades?doesn’t publix have insurance?the investigation by the NTSB will take another,  6 months, so isn’t publix jumping the gun.it seems more likely they should sue the maker of the aircraft if they have to sue someone.

why didn’t publix sue the 300 pound man who dragged the 90 year old woman with his car, trying to rob her? why didn’t they sue the lady who accidentally hit the gas and injured all the people with her car, when she ran into the store? why don’t they sue someone to protect their customers,instead of what they are doing.why do all of these things happen in orlando?

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