one crab keeps kosher

in six inches of water,i was thinking about all of the people who had been attacked by sharks over spring break,in florida and all of a sudden something grabbed my foot and pulled me.

hysterical i jumped out and asked the fisherman if they were fishing for sharks and they said yes. my foot was bleeding and a very sweet teenager said a crab had grabbed my foot.that was the last time i was going to get in water that deep.eleven days later,i was in water only above my feet, when all of a sudden ,i couldn’t move and just stood there like an idiot pointing at a real shark,i hoped was a dolphin, but it wasn’t….

finally i could move and seven crazy paople came toward me  and the shark,and took pictures of him.he was in very shallow water and swimming in circles eating the bait fish.this woman , from georgia,got out of  her chair and had seen me pointing and asked how i saw him.i said because i was looking.then the people who took his picture tried to tell me how big he was and i said i know he was 15 feet away from me, but i really didn’t know :apparently he was six feet long.i never saw his much for two inches of water.then there was a giant crab,possibly 12 inches around, who wasn’t even in the ocean, but getting a tan.he lifted his back,if the surf came close to him.

the wind was blowing 16 mph and i was thinking, this is ridiculous i feel like uncle fester and 2 seconds later, this man came toward me and said look it’s uncle fester to his friend.”what did you say ,i was just thinking that exact same thing”.

clairol natural instincts 20R malaysian cherry

why can no one find you? you are the most beautiful color  in the world. people everywhere complain they cannot find you.i spend at least 20 hours a year searching for you.everywhere i go, people say oh your hair is so beautiful,even in the ER,when your hair is obviously messed up,or your internist wants the color, or you are riding the elevator in bloomingdales.i have never used anything other than you.

five years ago,my cab driver ,who has a master’s in physics brought this beautiful box of 20R to me and said look it has no chemicals.then, no one in d.c., maryland or va. ever had it again.i finally wrote clairol and this man told me i could buy it at ebay and i said no you cannot,i just spent 3 days searching ebay and what you see is a letter from me asking to buy it. he was absolutely no one has been any help ever since and i still find people saying how beautiful and that it was discontinued.if you want to pay 25.00 ,you can order it from canada or other places. why? clairol, why do you have such a beautiful color, but you will not sell ….