clairol natural instincts 20R malaysian cherry

why can no one find you? you are the most beautiful color  in the world. people everywhere complain they cannot find you.i spend at least 20 hours a year searching for you.everywhere i go, people say oh your hair is so beautiful,even in the ER,when your hair is obviously messed up,or your internist wants the color, or you are riding the elevator in bloomingdales.i have never used anything other than you.

five years ago,my cab driver ,who has a master’s in physics brought this beautiful box of 20R to me and said look it has no chemicals.then, no one in d.c., maryland or va. ever had it again.i finally wrote clairol and this man told me i could buy it at ebay and i said no you cannot,i just spent 3 days searching ebay and what you see is a letter from me asking to buy it. he was absolutely no one has been any help ever since and i still find people saying how beautiful and that it was discontinued.if you want to pay 25.00 ,you can order it from canada or other places. why? clairol, why do you have such a beautiful color, but you will not sell ….

14 thoughts on “clairol natural instincts 20R malaysian cherry

  1. Hi, I just saw it at walmart again, the packaging is different. It is new “ammonia free” packaging, as per the website. The color malaysian cherry is not on the site, however, there it was at my local Walmart in the new package. with the same model. Hopefully you can find it.

    • you’re kidding.thank-you so much! would you mind telling me what town ,if you see this, so i can write and ask if they would mail….there was only 1 walmart in northern va. that ever had it,since 2007. i wrote every store and 1 in maryland.the store in maryland said they would try to order and mail, but couldn’t find….orlando’s walmart didn’t sell it and neither does myrtle beach.

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