all i want for hanukkah is olivia pope

it’s that time of year.well, no  it’s a different time, every have to look at the jewish calendar or an american calendar and subtract a day.only four more shopping days or  if you are reformed five more shopping hard to find a good parking place.the lines at the mall are unbelieveable.the hanukkah decorations are beautiful,if you can find any decorations. macy’s has so many dreidel ornaments to hang on your tree, but you don’t have a tree. unless… you are married to someone who is christian.there must be a lot of interfaith marriages.why else would macy’s have so many different hanukkah, chridtmas tree ornaments.bloomingdales always has chocolate covered apples with royal blue ribbons. i like to decorate with these, because i haven’t seen any new hanukkah decorations ,since 1st  grade. godiva likes to wrap candy boxes in blue ribbon also. that magically turns them into chanukkah gifts.

you watch for all of the channukkah shows on food tv ,instead of the normal brisket and potato latkees… they had thanksgving dinners  almost 24/7 for a week, but all you can find are shows about pork loins and crab bisque.i guess it’s a kosher crab from myrtle beach;the crab who tried to eat me.oh well , maybe the chefs are reformed, in america is easier if you are reformed.

it’s almost time to watch the many  hanukah movies and figure out where to hide the favorite holiday movie is Mixed Nuts ,where adam sandler sings his hanukkah song and ,and ….are there any other holday movies?someone invite larry david to dinner and make a new chanukah movie, and a new song, also .i only know three: adam sandler’s song , dreidel, dreidel ,dreidel and on the first day of hanukkah, my true love gave to me; a crisis manager named olivia pope.

27 thoughts on “all i want for hanukkah is olivia pope

  1. Hi! john from the Book of Pain poetry blog ( here. I got a message that you liked my poem “Vector” and I wanted to drop by and say thank you. (Thank you!) I love your blog! It has a wonderful sense of humor laid over a foundation of sadness, compassion and world weariness. Very hard to do and you do it well. Thank you!

  2. Just saw the Adam Sandler song last night…..fantastic. Thanks for liking the Spillers blog…..You capture the frustration a lot of my Jewish friends up here have in this blog. Funny stuff…..

  3. Thank you for visiting my site! I have seen Adam Sandler performing his Hanukkah song quite a while ago. I had to watch it again. Very funny. I love Adam Sandler. Please take care. God Bless. 🙂

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog and I enjoyed your post about the holidays. I live in a beach side sort of tourist town North of Sydney Australia. I am used to having no trouble parking my car but the last week or so the car park has been filling up and I was reminded of the tourists. Many locals aren’t real fond of the tourists and they are colloquially referred to as the “locusts”. I am a bit torn on the subject as these ring-ins are supposed to be good for the local economy and after all, we don’t personally own that patch of sand. That said, I do like to drive down the street without a traffic jam and as I said, park the car.

  5. Happy Chanukah! I used to live in NYC with my Jewish boyfriend. I’m Catholic. He confessed that he always wanted a Christmas tree but felt guilty when he helped me decorate it. That year Passover fell on Good Friday so I made lamb for everyone but when it came time to eat I had to have PB&J on matzo. Oy veh


  6. Thank you for dropping in on my blog. Yes to what you say here – our niece is an Anglican married to a Jew and we love the way they incorporate all the religious traditions and festivals in their sons’ lives. They say it keeps them pretty busy. But if the whole world showed this kind of love and respect for their own and each other’s faiths, imagine what a beautiful world it would be.

  7. So funny! Loved the part about there being no Hanukkah movies!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog as well. Keep checking back, much more to come!

  8. Thank you so much for the laugh and thank you for stopping by my blog and liking one of my posts! ( You have to admit though, that Adam Sandler’s 3 Hanukkah songs are really funny, no matter how many times you hear them! )

  9. Reblogged this on errinspelling and commented:

    On the first night, second day of hanukkah, scandals’s on ABC
    you can watch with me
    or on your own tv
    is even on hulu for free
    we will drink sweet tea
    sandwhich you some turkey
    yes with cranberry
    my bread’s gluten free
    just for you turkey
    spinach quiche with brie
    that will be for me
    pumpkin muffins with cranberry
    desert crepe blueberry
    cause bf’s allergic to strawberry
    also father ,daddy
    “eat anything that won’t eat me”
    rather listen to john cocuzzi
    also with john prevetti
    and big joe , who make “THE BIG THREE”
    jazz in washington d.c.
    cool katz yes sir ee
    sing jazzy christmas by the tree
    piano and fire , john cocuzzi, the
    my favorite hanukkah you see
    but i am by the sea
    so i’ll watch scandal on tv
    wait for gift, filigree
    not on bended knee
    but through the chimney
    and a malibu barbie

    • they’re from last year but you know what. i just checked the category hanukkah & i’m not there , so i deleted the word & retyped it & still not there.. that happens a lot, but it’s bAD when you have a once a year category & you’re not there

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