one among us: pyramid?

what to do..what to do…forgive me but 1 year and 4 days,since the avatar sociopaths ,minding my own business ,i accidentally came across another pyramid scheme here today. thank-you akismet , now i realize what you were protecting me from…i wish you would call olivia pope, but back to what to do.

maybe they aren’t the sociopaths , avatar are, kidnapping if you don’t pay , stealing your medicine making you run around poles for 9 hours , but they are taking advantage of good prople, by stealing their money. evil always seems to win. why i used the word seem, i don’t know. it was a my life, evil always won. if we get rid of the pyramid schemers they will come back with a new name. i knew that before i read this same statement.

in researching i found an answer to is this a pyramid scheme by the group itself is YES of course it is and be glad that it is…uhoh…they say the entire world is a pyramid scheme.ok now i am thinking ok, your monotone voices are already a clue of sociopathy and you spoke of taking your wife to a foreign land ,i thought tax evasion… admitting you are a pyramid scheme is brazen.i like the part when you remember you are supposed to look at the camera.ok, so you aren’t a charismatic sociopath.that means you scamed fewer people.

also found someone saying they are so good at marketing ,they get rid of all the bad things being said of them. i wonder if my words will disappear in a puff of smoke, even though i haven’t named them.

i don’t know if the person here is just unlucky to have stumbled onto this and wants us to join.actually i will not say what i think.

last resort : a mutiny in your mutiny & a haiku

like sam, i believe in you marcus (andre braugher).you’re my first favorite actor, since homicide, life on the street. always fun to can’t just say homicide:that isn’t. no one stops at just saying homicide, even though that would have been enough to know who you were talking about,at the time.

still my favorite actor of all time. why oh why did you have to go down with the ship. it wasn’t even a ship. it was a submarine, an unterwaserboot.i know. you wanted to be with your son. you just gave up. you should have sent yourself for psyche evaluation. i know it wasn’t your fault.the viewers gave up. maybe there are just too many channels.
now i will be upset , until you come back to life in another movie.

the psychopath that is serat should have been placed in your clothes and locked on the sub and you on an island somewhere in those sunglasses laughing. serat should have been executed , before he killed the first soldier. he causes ninety percent of the island problems/ horrors.

speaking of psychopaths, there was another fine upstanding weapons dealer, who had thoughts of grandeur.

1. what psychopaths don’t understand is that everyone does not think like they do. you raise your daughter in the family business. you think she will murder her loving boyfriend for you and the evil president, so you leave a gun in the desk . hah! fortunately she takes after her mother. unfortunately, the boyfriend kills himself anyway, to save her. so very sad. lessened a tiny bit when kylie takes the gun and kills the evil president and saves the world.

2.this is very important ,i have always thought if you don’t want to go out with someone, be very polite.don’t say go jump in the lake.say something polite like i only go out with people who have new york accents . if you don’t, you will end up with a COB, who rapes, murders or is a serial killer, a congressman ,blows up ships , ruins lives and you will be partially responsible. i am holding you resonsibe and almost everyone else will, also .

there was no last resort from a man ,who knew the mind of his enemy and could charm with the bible or understanding.

(last resort)

glass of sun red flash

dashing man omnipotent

going down with sub.

knowing mind of foe

until the end when your sole

thought to be with son.

chai (18) the unluckiest number

chai means hebrew chai is spelled with two letters /numbers: yud (10) & chet (8). it’s supposed to be a lucky number.

every year before rosh hoshannah,the jewish new year,my father would go buy kosher hot dogs and everything,take this to the synagogague and have a cook out for men who would donate money to run the synagogue and buy aliyahs for the new year.these honors were taking out,reading and dressing the torah…..

it’s a custom of jewish people to make these donations in multples of sunday or religious school ,when i was little you could buy a tree in isreal make a donation for 18.00 in honor or memory of someone.i had a chai necklace, actually two…we had a tree of life on the wall ,when you walk into the hall of the synagogue with gold leaves and my father bought many of these leaves in multiples of 18 , in memory of relatives…my parents 41 and 45 years older than me and both of the largest jewish families in my s.c. town….so there were many leaves…somewhere on a wet moving truck in maryland ,i have a picture with my father and a shovel at the groundbreaking of the new synagogue, when i was one year old.

my father had donated in multiples of 18 , doors for sunday school rooms- 1800, 3600, stained glass windows in the sanctuary, the rabbi’s study, the hall of the sanctuary and yizkor tablets 40,000 to purchase and plaques for relatives, friends, in multiples of 18 again and many of these things my father would donate from his sisters who were widows for their husbands…. the first tablet was for my mother’s mother who died at 88 when i was 17. grandmothers die at that age.

two months later ,when i was 18 , my mother died, and half of my heart.when i was 36, my father and the rest of my heart.

i wish george carlin was here

and also ,to see these crazy commercials. i really should be quiet. i’m already a man (girl) without a country and they will probably throw me out of s.c. for saying this and only george carlin could make this funny, but there are two new commercials…i am not in any way making fun of the disease only the commercial.they apparently have actors laughing scared me, but they say this is a disease , go to the dr. again who is paying for this…seriously if you are cracking up, uncontrollably would you not have sense enough to go to the dr. i can tell you no one is ill laughing hysterically and looking for advice from a commercial. how dumb do they think we are. george carlin would have liked these ill people in his audience and he would have made a joke about waiting to go to the dr. after his concert.

one commercial about the lottery was too many….how we are sorry, but it’s the law and if you aren’t 18 you cannot play, but now they have one telling us dumb south carolinians that we should play responsibly…lol…like that is going to matter..just another waste of money…there are gambling addicts, people with OCD.they can’t help it.your commercail does no good. it’s pointless.and i think it was the governor. i could be wrong, but i don’t pay attention to commercials.i have no time, for stupidity. what happened to the last governor..i see this guy walking aroung the mall in charleston. his office was by my P.T. i move to va. and all of a sudden i see him on nacy grace as a governor, behaving like a sociopath.big can see a dozen on law and order every day.

royal sonesta

maybe this happens every night in new orleans, when you’re 20 years old .you go to your future brother in laws wedding at the royal somesta. the groom , a dr. , apparently, you are told needs to smoke something ,in your room ,to calm his nerves . so you run to your future in laws room, who want to know why you are upset and tell them the groom and best man are smoking marijuana. they are very understanding as always, and as upset as you.

if you think this is the most aggravation of the evening you would be wrong. the rabbi a relative of the bride cannot officiate. instead a young female rabbi is found. fast forward to the cake.the wedding date is also your fiance’s birthday, so the bride calls to him to come slice his own cake.

a few minutes later , he’s back standing next to you holding your hand again and the rabbi comes over and grabs him and kisses him, while he is still holding your hand for probably twenty seemed like twenty, when in reality it was probably thirty. i left . at least 100 people saw this.he promised he would never get drunk again.

he said he had had 5 crown royals and 3 bloody mary’s that day.he was right.i was with him and i can count.he said she wouldn’t have been able to kiss him, had he not been drunk. a few years later,2 actually, the rabbi decided not to be a rabbi anymore, but a scuba diver.

my mind nearly exploded that a rabbi would do something like that in front of everyone.of course there was rabbi neulander who befriended a mishuginah sociopath to murder his wife. and now both are in prison.neulander is beseeching and teaching prisoners to read, i think. there are sociopaths everywhere, walker railey ,a preacher, murdered his wife also.

the worst part is,i should have left that night and also 2 dumb dr’s smoking in my room and not knowing i had asthma… just an expression. my brother in law is not dumb.

press which button

after almost 11 months 3 weeks, last night,i noticed this orange button here next to your name…normally it has numbers:the button likes to count for some reason.however last night,it appeared to have a tiny tv insde, so i clicked. instead of being able to watch tv, there were a lot of names and information.

but going back to almost a year ago. one day i noticed a picture of someone that looked like they were waving and i thought how sweet, but where did she come from. how did she appear at the bottom of the post ( she really wasn’t waving, but it was many months after this, someone told me about the percentage button). i don’t know how many months,went by before i learned this picture was lesley at bucket list saying hi. i still thought she was waving.another person appeared and he’s a defense attorney and i had to think about why…is he trying to scare me, intimidate…here i am writing about sociopaths and murderers in florida ,want them imprisoned, change the laws, put them under the jail… maybe i should stop, but then i decided he probably really cares about justice and is just doing his job.

how did these tiny people boxes just appear. i think it was november ,when i realized other people were here and you could read what they wrote.only ten months to figure out something : that’s fast for me.sometimes it takes 3 years, 10 years…i said the word thilthy until i was 18 and someone said what? it’s was exactly as a stewee / brian cool whip moment.what did you say ? cool WHip. much like sitting at the piano when i was 5 ,waiting to compose like wolfie amadeus mozart,for years, i’m waiting for a button that categorizes to appear.
a few weeks ago, i started a new page for bob’s burger specails, thinking all would just magically appear on that page. they did not.

when i discovered the search box button,i typed in the word snow and sethsnap appeared with lovely photographs of snow.the reason i left northern va for winter. but you can actually see beautiful snow and breathe inside. what will they think of next.apparently a lot of other people had been here the entire time.

the like button sometimes does not understand a fingers press. it just goes around in circles, but i found out this is not my fault. scott said sometimes people with internet explorer cannot click.

no, it isn’t just here. friday i wanted to sell wendy’s stock online, but there was no box or guess what -button…it had been there for the past 5 years , but it disappeared.

some day i will discover where this button is that tells people things like , what the word of the day is….i know it can’t be peter griffin’s : bird is the word. it’s a type of prompt button that tells you what to photograph, what contest to enter…yesterday i saw someone speak about a new yorker contest .i remebered when i was 10,11 & 12 and i would always buy a new yorker to take on the plane ,when i flew to palm beach from brother would leave work and come to the atlanta airport and walk me to the next plane. i was smart when i was little.i would have understood buttons. what happened.