bobs burgers special today VIII

everything will be illuminated by your Elijah maple Wood grilled burger:it will give you happy feet,

you will Wander and Lust for a paul rudd icchio balsamic glazed
peccorino burger,

oh the Silver Lining of a 14kt gold flaked Robert this won’t cost you a D eniro burger,

the Last Stand ing rib roast ed schwarzenegger burger,

an andy grif fith of vodka otisslammerburger,

set yourself free with Quentin’s quinoa orange pilaf without the Pulp fictionburger,

think about the modern philosopher’s green tea leprechaun burger,

really could go for the Mother Goose peeking duck burger today, but it isn’t vegetarian.maybe tofutti goldberg from “Overboard” can make it with tofu …

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