bob’s valentine burger specials IX

how deep (fried) is your love, how deep (fried) is your love
for this bee gee’s burger?

we will we will rock (lobster) you burger.

let’s get a physical, phsical after this greased lightning burger fried in coconut oil.

olivia newton john ny cake & Waterloo buffalo burger.
choice of :have you never been (marsh) mellow for desert or fig newton pie. drinks: please mr. pib please or Something Better To (mountain) Do.

like donny and marie ,she’s a little bit country and he’s a little bit rock n roll :the oliva newton john travoltaburger.

beauty school drop out burger served on Braided challah.

NOAA’s ARKIN burger: named for a pair of arkins : alan and adam.

Northern Exposure: adam and eve
wild alaskan salmon burger.

the wagner powers celery “Hart To artichoke Hart” burger.

the mary tyler perrier mooreburger, braised in perrier water.

19 thoughts on “bob’s valentine burger specials IX

      • lol…but if you eat ben’s bitter burger, you won’t be bitter anymore, unless i am a bad chef…oh wait you aren’t bitter in real life..

        i can’t wait either :my own restaurant. i can make an errinspelling burger: vegetarian, soy free, gluten free, egg free, sugar free, orange ,walnut & pecan free………………………………………………

      • I’m pretty sure the errinspelling burger would make me bitter. I need gluts, sugar, eggs and well I don’t need soy either. But I’ll stick with the Bitter Ben Burger. You could call it the BBB, just like I call my Blog.

      • you are correct sir. it makes me extremely bitter. i think this is why i am bitter in real life.LOL
        i can’t live without sugar either. i am climbing the walls. i would have sugar if i wasn’t in myrtle beach, where they don’t deliver groceries.
        i have to live without soy. the dr. gave me a shot of it and i nearly choked to death.that;s the only thing i can live without. (vegetarian 15 years before i found ou)t. lol..yes, i am bitter.

        BBB is great ,since i am the slowest typer in the the abbrev.

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