hamantaschen ocd

this is what happens on sleep deprivation day five:

“i woke up in love this morning
i woke up in LOVE this morning”
with a ha man TA schen on my mInd.

and a haiku:
(i’ve heard it a million times)

most repelled by prune

apricot or raspberry

opium poppy.

you can watch david cassidy on antenna tv and then his father jack cassidy on me tv’s bewitched.
he sings : fly me to the moon ,in sabrina’s ear and she does.

most little girls were in love
with keith partridge, but i was in love with mr. dimples himself, jack cassidy.

28 thoughts on “hamantaschen ocd

    • wow thank-you . i think you are right. i will have to think about thie hamantaschen, but 2 days earlier in the review haiku for the tv show ‘ smash”.. i wrote
      about the star from ” rescue me” and vibrating voices and that night i couldn’t sleep my heart was so loud and i just said woah. was i asking to be rescued from vibrating like a violin sting for 2 years from lyme disease?
      i never have just one reason in real life, so maybe in a poem, also?

  1. “but i was in love with mr. dimples himself, jack cassidy”

    ME TOO! OMG! I admit to a HUGE 70’s daddy-complex. Mr Brady did it for me, too…even AFTER I found out he was not so much into chicks.

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