fortune cookies

Fortune Cookies:
three days ago i put all the silly myrtle beach fortunes away.then i found a new one, i didn’t understand. it said the day you learn to laugh at yourself, you will grow hour later , maryanne read this . i burst out laughing, even though it was not meant to be funny. i was very angry , when i wrote this last july, but i understand why charmaine is always laughing at me, now and understand myrtle beach fortune cookies.


Shame on you mitt romney for pretending hillary is backing you .shame on you  for thinking floridians are stupid.shame on you for using a 2008 clip of clinton running for president  and misleading americans.shame on you for calling other people names that you obviously are,or you would not be using fake clips. shame on you for approving the message.shame on you mostly for driving, with your dog on top of the car ,during a long trip for your vacation.and shame on anyone who would have given you a dog and shame on anyone who would give you a dog in the future. and thank-you david letterman .

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4 thoughts on “fortune cookies

  1. LOL! It’s not what you say (write), it’s HOW you say (write) it …. I don’t know, Erin, you are just so precious the way you put things. It’s endearing. I never met you, but I really like you 🙂

  2. Agree with Maryanne. And even though I am not Jewish growing up in NYC and having Jewish best friends… it sorta becomes my culture too… Does that make sense?

    • it does. i had a catholic friend from new york and he went to the synagogue with me in s.c.on yom kippur once and he started singing the prayers and i asked how in the world did he know that. and he said because he was from ny…and then at my cousin’s house they had blintzes flown in from n.y. and he was dying for and they were talking about all of this jewish food they missed in ny and i had never been

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