Tonight’s the Night PYRAMID Haiku

don’t let them find you

rod stewart or pyramids

go out back door fast.

tonight is the night

pyramids out in full force

it will be alright.

actually rod is ok:
“Tonight’s the Night”

“away from WINDOW

secret’s about to unfold

before night’s too old”.

cramer carnival cruise haiku

” jim cramer’s penalty box”
“carnival cruise lines

they’re in the penalty box

keep having problems”.

“my penalty box”

one in one million

people going overboard

never being found.
by 2005 when george smith was murdered,11 million were expected to go on cruises and 11 people were expected to disappear in the sea.

jazz haiku
” between the devil and the deep blue sea”

“got me in between

the devil and the deep blue sea

i sure can’t lose you”.

now on side of justice, doctor henry lee

medical examiner henry lee

spitter of heinz ketchup,he may be

if a defendant on land or sea

he will help to set you free.
whether a cruise ship on high sea

a peterson who pretends to tee

or one working on wife #3

lee will help you for a fee.
do medical examiners belong on tv

whether or not you do agree

let’s just watch quincy m.e.

or better yet , episode of glee.

scott peterson said he was playing golf and fishing at the same time, when he murdered laci.

drew peterson is thought to have murdered 2 wives.

heinz ketchup is referring to dr lee trying to keep michael peterson out of jail, for murdering his wife on the stairs, which was the same way his friend was murdered in germany and he received custody of her children.

Mes a Mon

“white collar”

(shoot the moon)
“we’re friends who have fun

french have words for everything”

finding passport now.

(dialogue 28 seconds into the show)

jazz haiku:

diana krall
“popsicle toes”

“always load pentax

expose those popsicle toes

when i’m in the nude”.

food tv haiku two

” semi-homemade”
wears color of dish

decorates kitchen also

time saved make from scratch.


an italian dish

clairol natural instincts

favorite method.

louis jordan jazz
“ain’t nobody here but us chickens”

” a lot of settin

ain’t nobody here but us

gettin chicks to hatch”.

“we got things to do

tomorrow’s a busy day

we got eggs to lay”.

Is this a rule

“I’m not Aaron haiku ”

real men don’t eat quiche

therefore i must be a girl

don’t call me Aaron.

“salt peanuts” jazz

i searched for the lyrics of salt peanuts, like a nut. i knew the words: they are ” “salt peanuts, salt peanuts,” “, “”, ” “.

a real jazz haiku
“Murder He Says”

by Jimmy McHugh and Frank Loesser 1942
“talk plainer than that

murder the language of love

every time we kiss”.

the informant , a haiku

(market today)

bailout in cypress

not the informant cypress

instead the island.
( the movie, the informant)

game stealing millions

after prison COO

cramer recommend?

and a jazz haiku
“Come By Me”

“talk to me baby

see we might fit together

be a friend of mine”.
because only 3 people in the world will understand this, whitacre, cramer and harry connick jr, i will explain.maybe not even that many.

mark whitacre from the movie, the informant went to prison : 8.6 years for wire fraud, tax fraud, money laundering, stealing millions…he worked for ADM (archer daniels midland).

now , he is the COO and president of cypress systems. a few years ago, jim cramer suggested buying cypress…mark couldn’t tell the truth ,if his life depended on it, at least in the movie. now, he has his own company..chance to do much worse, (but maybe that’s what ceo’s and coo’s do)…i am not BUYING and not recommending you BUY this.

*but you can BUY harry connick : “come BY (buy) me”.