why am i so silly

if i had a bath tub, you would be
a lucky peeking duck.

but since i am a vegetarian ,
you are a lucky peking duck.

if i played the violin, you would be my muse.

oh wait i do.

if i spell hamantaschen with a ham,
doesn’t it become an unkosher pastry.

if i was sad ,
you would be my happiness.

but if you were country music,
i would find a new muse.

15 thoughts on “why am i so silly

    • i am too , because this was just a test to see just how silly i could be,if anyone would dare to click. not only did they but 2 people decided to follow me. you as a poet, know i am not a poet. i don’t even know the rules. i don’t even play a poet on tv. lol.maybe yall are just being polite.

  1. I am unsure why but my avatar does not match my comments. I usually have a picture so people know who they are talking to! (oh, writing to) Your silliness is still very intelligent like a word game! Great job and I like the innuendo, too!

  2. oh yeah, somehow it transformed, crazy computer! it was a green square on 2 places/sites
    i commented on this a.m.! go figure, i say its not there, and it proves me wrong. thank you for reading me so often, errin spelling!

  3. Errin, I absolutely love your writing. Love it. Jack Kerouac is my second favorite writer — behind only Hemingway — and he was into haiku writing. I’ve tried it myself, but I’m not very good. My training, as you know, is in journalism, so most of what I do is formula-driven. Too literal, I guess one could say. It takes someone with great talent — like yours — to write with such depth. So, I drop in from time-to-time, and enjoy what I only wish I could do. Keep up with the GREAT work. Please. Your friend, Rob H.

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