keep your money in your pocket

they’re still here pyramid haiku;
failure think again/
i can’t believe they’re still here/
admits pyramid/.

what simple schemer/
is dumb enough to click me/
thank-you for the spam.
Empower Network/
Is this a pyramid scheme/?
they admit it is.
“have to say quickly and without a doubt,Yes it is and thank g-d it is”
i don’t know if i should write where the quote came from, but it seems like if evil people can come here everyday and trick us, steal money,then we should be able to warn people.and i’m not saying the person showing this is evil , he may not know what films he is showing, he may not be building his own pyramid. you have to make that call, when he follows you.


what to do..what to do…forgive me but 1 year and 4 days,since the avatar sociopaths ,minding my own business ,i accidentally came across another pyramid scheme here today. thank-you akismet , now i realize what you were protecting me from…i wish you would call olivia pope, but back to what to do.

maybe they aren’t the sociopaths , avatar are, kidnapping if you don’t pay , stealing your medicine making you run around poles for 9 hours , but they are taking advantage of good prople, by stealing their money. evil always seems to win. why i used the word seem, i don’t know. it was a my life, evil always won. if we get rid of the pyramid schemers they will come back with a new name. i knew that before i read this same statement.

in researching i found an answer to is this a pyramid scheme…

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