friday oreo fracking haiku: jim cramer

yesterday after cramer’s words
turned into a haiku, i realized even the columns , the songs he reads in USA Today turn into haiku, when the song he was talking about started playing in my head:

“i’m so dizzy my

head is spinning like a whirlpool

that never ends”.

and a jazz haiku:
nat king cole
written by: harry warren and mack gordon
“there will never ever be another you”
“how can they come true

never be another you

dream a million dreams”.

8 thoughts on “friday oreo fracking haiku: jim cramer

      • so the cheese didn”t come from the oreo cow.i thought cows were monopolies.
        i don’t know what i’m saying, but you probably set me up for a good joke..
        i am just too bitter and about to throw my computer through the ceiling. why crazy people are running on the ceiling nonstop for hours all night, i have no idea. i’ll probably think of the answer, but my computer will be in jail.

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