what’s it all about alfie?

tuesday night wrestling

igor fights with sausages

it’s all about belts.

“my funny valentine”

if you care for me

stay little valentine stay

open it to speak”.


8 thoughts on “what’s it all about alfie?

  1. I thought the lines indicated love, as Alfie didn’t find out until too late… and Valentines speak to us of love. Missed the funny reference. Thank goodness for comments, huh? Haha!

    • i guess i should see the movie.lol
      what’s it all about was just for the wrestling haiku. and it’s all about belts.relatives named alfie and i heard that expression a lot..

      i just add a jazz haiku at the bottom, b/c march is jazz haiku month, i decided.lol.. no one ever told me, what happens in march.

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