Tonight’s the Night PYRAMID Haiku

don’t let them find you

rod stewart or pyramids

go out back door fast.

tonight is the night

pyramids out in full force

it will be alright.

actually rod is ok:
“Tonight’s the Night”

“away from WINDOW

secret’s about to unfold

before night’s too old”.

7 thoughts on “Tonight’s the Night PYRAMID Haiku

  1. *****QUESTION*****

    HAVE i gone insane

    or can anyone tell me why 2 people from the empower network pyramid scheme like this poem about pyramid schemes? it’s probably one person, with 3 sites in as many days, but when you click their avatar on the first page they admit it’s a pyramid scheme, with no real goods or services.when someone has an avatar that doesn’t say follow, my first thought is to look and see if they are from the EMPOWER NETWORK?

    A. pretend they are not .. ?
    B. they are just going around clicking 1000’s of people and not reading ? <——-

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