The colors at sea

“The colors at Sea”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
sun shining on you~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
sail away to happiness~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
on a sea of blue.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
clouds of puff pastry~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
melted butter sunshine streaks~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
bright light hungers through.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Jazz Haiku : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
“DRIFT AWAY”: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
” i wanna get lost~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
the people that freed your soul~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
in your rock n roll”.


“i never met one” Bubba Haiku

i never met one
lots of people named bubba
people in s.c.
an hour later
mother- in -law said errin
we burst out laughing
i forgot my own uncle
lived to ninety three.
went to citadel
general westmoreland’s class
sent laotion gifts.
favorite pen pal
always made whisky sour
it was just sour.

she’s a bomb with nails haiku

“slit from ear to ear”
a rapidly mortal wound
didn’t need a head shot.
bullet in temple
“it rendered him unconscious”
took time to drag him.
renting car so far away
consciousness of guilt.
denied at his house
she told tale of two strangers
june fifteenth ‘0 eight.
a sociopath
because her parents hit her
some people are nice
abused who coildn’t hurt fly
but many murder.
never hit a child
then they stab shoot murder bomb
you will be to blame.

HAIKU : poured some sand out on my desk one day and played

“poured some sand out on my desk one day and played” PART DEUX:~~~
We’re pouring concrete~~~

In a few minutes~~~

Like some exercise.~~~

Concrete made from sand~~~

Not knowing what they wanted~~~

Felt safe in saying no.~~~
“SANDALS” Haiku~~~
Sandals a resort~~~

Also footwear flip flopping ~~~

Through the sands of time.~~~

“Where for art thou conch” Haiku


Home of conch fritters conch stew~~~

Rubbery broiled conch.~~~
Also home to bone fishing~~~

President bush catches~~~

Them i did not.~~~

A consolation prize~~~

Having more sand than the Keyes..~~~

Two days driving from~~~

S.C. and there was only ~~~

two inches of sand.~~~

Courtship in the Quarter

new orleans haiku:~~~

Only one rabbi~~~

Became a scuba diver~~~

Changing professions.~~~
She was something else~~~

Tried to take my fiance~~~

Really wish she had.

Ron From Texas

The French Quarter of New Orleans is a favorite place for couples to marry, hook up or hang out.

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