bad bad water

i need alcohol

OCD isopropyl

not the kind you drink.

every time you leave

literally ceiling falls

pouring water drops.
someone sprays lysol

flying straight into condo

breathlessly choking.
don’t exaggerate

crazies running on ceiling

who said it would fall.
last tide ceiling fell

springing eleven fountains

toxic black nightmares.

“pennies from heaven”

“dark when you left me

umbrella is upside down

every time it rains”.

14 thoughts on “bad bad water

    • thank-you sirena.hope your ouchie toe is better!
      i don’t know 5 people came running up here at different times, not one knowing what the other one was doing.the last a security guard, because they apparently specialize in holes in ceilings.
      i just hope i don’t have nightmares it’s raining inside and wake up because it’s raining inside , again. lol

  1. I have felt this way but not able to explain it so well and so uniquely. A person’s leaving can feel a combination of depression, toxicity and like I can’t take a whole breath… very well expressed!

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